Our Team

Debra Therrien

Founder and President

Here at BARC's we work daily to save the most vulnerable from "the list" from all over North America. None of this would be possible if not for the hard work and dedication of our foster, volunteers and adopters. You all play an important role in our continued success.

Debra has numerous certificates and courses completed including:
​Knowledge and experience help us become successful.

Thank you for helping us save the lives of those most vulnerable.

Cheryl Meeder

Vice President and Adoptions

Cheryl is well versed in medical issues and finds enjoyment in researching canine health issues as well as watching full surgical videos. She enjoys walking with her dogs, is an avid reader of romance and a great cook.

Michelle Hogg

Advocacy Director

Jerry Hogg

Special Initiatives Director

My whole family works with BARC's together. It was a decision that we all came too after much discussion. For me, personally, I needed to feel like I was doing good somewhere, and that what I did mattered.

I am a mom of 2 kids; Liz (18) and Nick (15) and wife to Jerry. We started off deciding to be fosters with BARC's.....and talk about getting thrown into the fire. Our first day even meeting with anyone with BARC's started with us transporting a dog to High River while Debbie and Barb took another foster to the vets because of an emergency.

It was then that we decided to jump in, head first and Chunk became the first of many fosters. Since then we have helped out with many adoption events, helped connect many families with their new fosters off of transport, fostered many of our own dogs, volunteered with Pet Expo and helped with fundraising.

We are the ones that get the calls/texts at all hours if there is an emergency and a dog needs to be moved for whatever reason. We then take that pooch to a different foster family, or add them to our pack until they find their forever home.

Jerry is the one that you will see when we do a transport as he talks to the new and anxious foster families about what to expect, what to do, and yep, even what not to do.

Liz and Nick both do their share too. Nick likes to help load and unload our storage unit and show off his muscles, while Liz is the one you will see at adoption events. She is the one that will take the dogs for a much needed break from time to time.

Mary Johnston-McFarlane

East Kootenay Foster Coordinator

Hi there, I'm Mary Johnston - McFarlane, born and raised Cranbrook resident, mother of two beautiful kids. My family and I have been part of BARC's Rescue since November 2016 when we fostered our very first dog for BARC's. Late in 2019 I became the East Kootenay foster coordinator to help place incoming dogs into amazing foster homes in the area. I love being able to help animals which has always be a huge passion of mine.

Bev Reid

Calgary Foster Coordinator

I am one of the Foster Coordinators in Calgary “Do not hesitate to ask me any questions.” After I retired from a demanding career I struggled to find something of value to occupy my time. We then lost both our dogs within 18 months of each other and the house became far too quiet. I started fostering with BARC's in November 2018 and moved onto the core team in March 2020. I just love what I am doing. I enjoy gardening, knitting and I am the Treasurer on our condominium board.

Jenette Watts

I officially joined the BARC's team in November 2014, after being involved as a foster mom. I have since taken a step back from BARC's and now only do the website, Kijiji postings and Petfinder. My husband and I have been fostering dogs since 2011, which was when I initially met Deb (before BARC's was founded!). We've had many foster pups over the years.

We have four dogs, three shih tzus, who are all rescues, Milo, Autumn and Maddie, ages 13, 7 and 13. We also have a shih tzu/bichon named Theo who is 18 years old. We also have 4 cats currently, all rescues as well.

Aaron Milligan

Hey, I'm Aaron Milligan born and raised in Calgary and a huge nerd, I've always loved animals but it wasn't until I married my best friend that my eyes were opened to ways that I could help save them from the nasty humans in the world both fluffy and exotic alike. I am now a proud animal papa to 9 pets. on my "down time" I enjoy playing board games and working in my wood shop.

Genevieve Milligan

Hi, I'm Genevieve Milligan but everyone just calls me Gen. I've had dogs all my life and have always loved animals more than most people. I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home animal mom and thanks to my husband I've been able to open my home and heart to a few exotics as well as the fluffy ones. When I can I love to go on adventures to new places and the only downside to living in Alberta is that the ocean isn't close enough.

Amanda Steed

Amanda has been involved with BARC’s since December 2019 when she foster failed (adopted after the first day of fostering) her rescue dog Jojo. She is an avid animal lover who loves to spend her time reading and being with her family. You will find Amanda behind the scenes on our Social Media team by answering DM’s making posts and updating our followers with information. So, if you follow us, you have most likely engaged with her!

“My life changed for the better once Jojo came into my life and was searching for a way to pass it forward when BARC’s reached out looking for volunteers. Since then I have been engaged in the Social Media for the rescue and helping wherever else I can.”

Sarah Jimmo

I’m Sarah, one of the people behind BARCs growing social media accounts. I first discovered BARCs back in 2019 when our family began the search for a new furry family member after our two dogs passed away. There was something about this rescue that really drew me in and then we ended up fostering, and ultimately foster failing Buddy from the December 2019 Texas Transport. Shortly after we decided to keep fostering for BARCs and when they needed a volunteer for social media I figured it was the least I could do for bringing such a great family member into our lives. We now have 2 #barcsrescuealumni in our household and I really enjoy being part of the team and showing our followers a little glimpse behind the scenes during our transports. Having two pittie mixes in our household we are also big advocates for breed discrimination and love our time camping with family and friends - furry or human! Reach out to us on social media if you ever have any requests for our live videos or posts!

Megan Faulkenham

Hi! My name is Megan and I am born and raised in Calgary. From as long ago as I can remember I have always had a love for animals whether they were dogs, cats, horses, pigs… the list goes on. Finding BARCs was one of the best things that has happened in my life and it is how I met my first foster boy, Neil. Neil had a huge impact on my life and gave me a new experience where I went through many emotions and he helped me to understand just how important second chances are. From the moment I met Neil I promised I would do what I could to help these dogs as each and everyone one of them are special and deserve a life where they are safe and loved. BARCs has helped me to connect with my true passion for helping animals and has allowed me to be a part of an organization I am so incredibly grateful for and proud to be a part of. Also, I have to thank my dog Sophie and my cat Ducati for being so great and easy going for allowing me to foster. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them!