Birdie (Alberta)

Foster Hold


Name: Birdie
ID#: OS20230419-1
Estimated Age: 2 Years
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Lab x
Weight: 50lbs
Good with dogs: Dog selective
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Yes, Older
Special/Medical Needs: Food sensitivity to what is believed to wheat, chicken and beef. Causes dry skin and itchiness. A fish-based protein diet that is helping to alleviate these issues.
Estimated Energy Level: Low - Medium
Current Location: Calgary, AB

Update on Birdie! January 2024
She's been making a lot of progress and is getting a lot better at meeting new people. She has been exposed to more kids (ours are 8,9 and 12) and their friends are often over at the house.

We have found lots of success using a halti on her for walks - now she walks right beside you rather than pulling when on leash.

She has come a long way and continues to learn. She's a smart dog.

We've had great success switching her to a duck based food.

She is kennel trained when we are away from the house but we have been leaving her out for short periods and she is fine. (no mischeif)

She is fully house trained and rings bells to go outside.

She would make an excellent companion dog. She is such a sweet and expressive dog. She takes a moment to warm up but it's so worth it when she does.

Hi, my name is Birdie,

I’m a beautiful dog inside and out and have the most gorgeous coat color of reddish-brown.
I would do best in a home with older children as I love to play with kids, but sometimes I forget how big and strong I am. I’m very smart and love to hear that I’m a good girl. I’m house trained and have been taught to ring the bell when I need to go outside. I'm young and eager to learn and please and am very food motivated making it easier to train me in new things. I sleep in my kennel at night and am crated when we leave the house. I'm happy to play outside or go for a walk, then spend the rest of the day snoozing.

I get super excited and can jump up when greeting you after not seeing you in a few hours but listen well to the command "down" when corrected.

On a leash I will pull but I am good after a little bit and will settle on the walk. I have stranger danger and will get nervous walking past bigger groups of people on walks or new people coming into my home. I will need help to work on my confidence and learn that not all people are going to hurt me. I do good in the car and am a great passenger and travel companion

I take a bit to warm up to new people and animals so slow introductions are best. I do have separation issues and will cry when apart from my humans so a detached home is a must. I will bark at the doorbell when I feel uncomfortable around new people. I'm hoping to find a foster home who can guide and help me navigate my challenges with being comfortable with new people and my separation anxiety. I’m hoping that it can be with you!

Adoption costs: $650.00