- Available for Adoption

Available for Adoption


Age: 1 year
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Border Collie Mix
Weight: 31 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown, but likely good
Good with children?: Unknown, but likely older kids ok
Special/Medical Needs: no
Energy Level: Low / Medium
Adoption Fee: $650
Foster Home Location: Chestermere, AB

Beans (Bebe) is such a sweet girl. She came to me extremely terrified and would not leave the crate for 4 days. Once we got outside, she really started to relax! She loves to wander around the yard and sniff things out. She loves having other dogs around to watch and play with. We haven’t been able to venture outside the yard yet, as a lot of things are still spooky for her… but she has come such a long way in just a few days. I think that with a good, safe home… she will be an incredible pup! I would absolutely be keeping her if I didn’t have to go away for an extended time coming up soon.

She is mostly afraid of people. She does not like to be walked up to or approached face-to-face. She will cower away. If you walk towards her with your back/side to her, she will let you approach without running away. Now that she trusts me… when I sit in the yard she will come and lay directly behind me. In the house she likes to tuck herself away in corners… but now she always tucks herself into the corner right beside me instead of across the house. When I go upstairs, she will follow and watch everything I do… but does still like to stay 1-2 meters away.

She always does her bathroom business outside, sleeps in her crate at night without a peep, and sleeps in her crate when I’m out of the house. I have never heard her bark. She has never shown any aggression at all. When she is in the comfort of my backyard, she will walk calmly with the leash on. But when she feels unsafe, she likes to lay down or try to run away from what is scaring her.

She loves other dogs so far and seems to feel more relaxed around people, when other dogs are around. I have not seen her around cats or kids. I would not have any concerns with aggression to kids, but if they want to play and pet her energetically, they may be overwhelming for her in this initial part of finding her place in her forever home.

Because of how traumatized/anxious she was when she arrived, it has taken a lot of time and love to get her to this point. But she has improved so quickly! I have zero doubts that she will be an incredible pup if she can find a home with stability, consistency and love!

If there was a home with another dog, I think Bebe would improve even more quickly. When other dogs are around, she is immediately more relaxed, playful, energetic. It’s quite amazing to see the immediate change in her level of comfort!

Adoption costs: $650.00