Age: 3 Years

Sex: Spayed Female

Estimated Breed: PBTx

Weight: 50 lbs

Good with dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Yes, with proper introduction

Good with children?:

Special/Medical Needs: Food intolerance

Energy Level: Medium / High

Adoption Fee: $650

Foster Home Location: Edmonton, AB

Waverly is ready to find her furever home! Following is a bio for her and please find the pictures attached. I also have an Instagram account strictly for my foster dogs that you may find further pictures/ videos of Waverly, @FraserHouseDrools

The best way to describe Waverly is as a playful, happy-go-lucky wiggle-butt. When she gets excited, her tail wags so hard that half her body wags with it. Waverly is a medium-high energy dog. She loves to play with humans, toys and other dogs but can settle down on her bed with a toy and happily chew for hours.

Waverly gets along with dogs of all sizes and ages and will happily play with anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest and demonstrated respect for her much older and much smaller foster siblings when they didn't want to play.

She displayed minor resource guarding of her crate while getting cuddles towards one of the smaller dogs but was easily verbally redirected.

She has not been tested around cats, but I suspect she would be just fine with proper introductions and a dog-savvy cat as she showed no desire to chase her 6-lb cat-like foster brother.

She is a strong dog and would be best suited to someone who has experience with bully breeds.

Waverly goes into her crate easily and has shown no signs of separation anxiety (the next-door neighbour reports she is a quiet and lovely neighbour while her foster mom is at work).

Waverly is fully house trained, not a single accident and will let you know if she needs out.

Waverly LOVES going on walks and gets so excited she can pull a bit but has shown no signs of leash reactivity and is easily redirected when she spots rabbits or magpies that like to tease her.

Waverly has been one of the most delightful foster dogs, and I will miss her dearly. This sweet girl deserves to find her furever family, and whoever that may be will be incredibly lucky to have sweet Waverly in their life.

Waverly does have a food allergy and her forever home will have to commit to feeding an allergy-friendly diet to keep her happy and comfortable!

Adoption costs: $650.00