Available for Adoption


Age: 5 years
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Golden Retriever
Weight: 51 lbs
Good with dogs?: No
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs:
Energy Level: Low

Adoption Fee: $650
Fostered in Calgary, AB

- being with his human all the time
- going for walks/hikes
-lounging on the couch or bed with you (he isn't very high energy)
-chasing you around the house playing
-his absolute favorite food is chicken and loves a little bacon snack once and a while
-birds, I have pet chickens at home and he's super calm with them
-he is also very good around loud trucks / tools. Would make a great farm dog. I brought him to work a few times and nothing phased him as long as he's with you.

-being left alone at all. Will bark very loudly until you return with almost no stopping, and can be heard down the alley
- crates, will not settle in them
- most kibble He is a very picky eater. His favorite thing is some boiled chicken mixed with his kibble. And his favorite treat is beef liver flavored snacks. Will turn down almost any other kind.
- other dogs. He needs to be the only dog in the house, at least for now. There are two dogs that live above me, and he has slowly been getting used to them. But the first few times he saw them he showed some aggression. There has been no direct face to face introduction but I have gone on walks across the street from them and he is learning to accept them.
- On walks he is afraid of cars that go by us too fast, and will go as far away from them as possible on a leash, same as dogs. Seems to be afraid of them if he sees one, and starts to show signs of aggression if they come closer.
- not the biggest fan of car rides but is slowly getting used to them

He would be best suited for a home where his owner works from home or is retired so can be with him as much as possible. Or a house with no neighbors close where they can work with him to get better at being alone for a bit. Definitely a house with a fenced yard as I can see him being a flight risk if something spooks him. He hasn't had any interaction with children while with me but has been good with any adult I have introduced him to, Male or female, although I'm noticing he prefers people a bit older haha. I can see him being good with children maybe 8 and up though, he is super gentle with everything he does, practically licks treats out of your hand and plays very gently. He's not big into dog toys yet but I'm trying to get him to play with them more. He is house trained (never had any accidents in the house) but will only go pee or poo when on a walk, won't even go in the backyard. He is very food motivated and learns commands quickly with a treat. Would probably do very well in agility as when I bring him somewhere to run he is very fast and can jump very high.

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Adoption costs: $650.00