Princess (Evie)



Female, 7 years, pit bull X, 35 lbs

Princess, or Evie, as we like to call her, was surrendered to a shelter for euthanization one day prior to meeting the people who would save her from this lonely demise. Evie arrived in Canada along with several other dogs on September 26. When we first met her we couldn't get over how puppy-like she looks. Pictures do not do her petite stature justice! She is a sweet and loving girl who lacks confidence and social skills; She doesn't seem to be able to read another dog's body language, positive or negative. She is currently unable to self regulate her excitement around other animals, and although she appears to be happy near other dogs, her approach is overbearing and rude. Evie requires redirection frequently while other dogs are present and in times of heightened stress. She does not do well in a crate, so we have avoided closed crate experiences. While in the crate, she becomes very anxious and has caused a self-inflicted abrasion on her snout. Although she is nervous in new social encounters, she does warm up two women quickly, but remains hesitant to trust males. With slow and gentle encounters, she is now comfortable and loving of her foster dad. Evie loves to snuggle and to be close to her people. She is house trained yet may have anxiety-related "piddle" accidents. We have not seen any signs of food or environmental allergies. She knows several basic commands such as "sit", "come", and "turn" - which we use to direct her focus from that which she is hyper or negatively focused on. Evie loves car rides and going on long walks in the community. She enjoys spending time with her people while they cook and do house and yardwork. She is a great little companion who is happy to snuggle on the couch for hours. Evie will need to be the only pet in a home with people who can continue to work with her anxiety issues and continue to provide her with a safe and controlled environment where she can really learn what it feels like to feel safe and loved. We feel she will be an incredible addition to a calm and low to moderate activity household. She will need almost continuous companionship initially, so please consider this if you would like to meet this beautiful and special little girl.

This dog is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00