Penny (Paula)

- Available for Adoption

Available for Adoption


Age: 2 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Lab X
Weight: 62 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes, with supervision
Good with cats?: Yes
Good with children?: Yes, older preferred
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: Medium / High
Adoption Fee: $650
Foster Home Location: Edmonton, AB

Penny is a happy dog! She loves her ball, even if she doesn’t always bring it back!

She is good with kids and cats and other dogs, though she needs to learn to not jump on dog's backs. This suggests she might be a bit of an alpha dog. When She tries to engage in play with Lupe, her co-foster, Lupe is not interested and starts to close down. Penny is respectful enough to let her be.

She will need some obedience training for sit command, and especially stay command as she is a little bit pushy. She also is a puller, and shows more respect to the easy walk harness and even more so with the halter.

We recommend her with older children as she has a tendency to jump and she could knock a small child down.

There is some resource guarding, but she didn’t snap at me when I tested her, however, it is clear she is not in favour of someone touching her food and has the potential to bite if a child got in the way.

If Penny lives with another dog, it is recommended her guardians continue to feed her separately and fed while in her crate.

She will bark if a visitor comes but settles with proper introductions.

She is housebroken, and has been known to paw at the door to be let out or in.

She is more treat motivated than toy, but she sure loves her ball!

Sleeps very well in her crate at night but will bark sometimes if she hears someone walk close by.

She tolerates her nails clipped for the most part and her nails are white! 😁 easy to see!

She has met a few strange dogs and responded appropriately.

Penny rides very well in the car. She is not typically a barker on the whole, only when strangers approach the car or walk near the house but she doesn’t carry on. Recommend a solid backyard as she shows interest over the fence and might be a flight risk.

She is a great snuggler and her special talent is face washing!

Adoption costs: $650.00