Adoption in Progress

Adoption in progress


Male, 1 year, mixed breed

 Neutered/spayed:
Yes, neutered.
 Microchip, vaccination, vet
Will be microchipped soon.
Up-to-date on vaccinations
and preventatives.
 Health issues:
No known health conditions.
 Where the dog resides now
In a garden of an apartment
being used as a warehouse.
Apartment is located on a
busy street in a residential neighborhood in Amman next door to his rescuer.
 Behavior
Intelligent and easy to train.
Responds to commands namely come, sit, look and stay.
Barking- moderate. Sometimes barks at passersby but with training is improving significantly.
Extremely friendly with known carers, cautious with strangers.
Likes to dig.
Very occasional and mild resource guarding towards littermate over new (very tasty) treats and
new toys.
 Temperament (character)
Extremely lovable and adorable! Keen to please but happy to sit back and watch his sister get the
tummy rubs.
Loves playing with balls and chase with Latifa.
Alert, watchful and will notice anything new or any new person in his space.
Loveable and responsive personality.
Cautious and shy in new situations.
He will bark to alert you to someone's presence but will keep his distance. But is generally more
on the calm side.
 Outside behavior with other dogs, people, on busy/noisy streets
Currently he is with his littermate Latifa. At the boarding facility he had limited interaction with
other dogs who stayed in adjacent kennels. Foxy does not show aggression or dominant behavior
so the hope is he will interact well with other dogs. Since end of November he has been living in
a garden in a busy residential area and has been exposed to different noises and people passing
by (with some walking their dogs).
 How is the dog with:
- men/women
He is cautious with new people in general. Better with women, more cautious with men. He will
hang around new people, men and women, and will not approach immediately.
- kids (what age)
He had good interaction with kids 5-14 years old but with supervision and while on leash.
-other dogs (male/female)
Limited interaction with other dogs. At the boarding facility he had limited interaction with other
dogs who stayed in adjacent kennels. He enjoyed nosing them when he lived next door to them
in kennels.
Limited interaction with cats; observes community cats, gets very excited and sometimes barks
at them or if he’s walking outside he sometimes wants to chase but responds to leash pull
He had limited interaction with house cats; his reaction ranged between curious and scared.
 Housetrained
Not housetrained. But when indoors he does business on newspapers laid out for him.
 Leash trained
 How is the dog in a car
He has never been in a car unless in a crate and was scared but calm for the journey.
 Can the dog be left home alone
Has never been left at home alone.
He gets anxious when left in the garden alone without his littermate. Exhibiting some mild
separation anxiety and would do best with a family willing to work with him on that.
 What family would be a good match
A family without young children.
Best if family lives in house that has a yard or family living in an apartment but willing to provide
other access to green space (dog parks, grass, etc.). An active family that enjoys exercise and the
Best if family has some experience with shy dogs.
 History
Found with littermates and mom in early May 2021 in a farmer’s yard in Abdoun, a neighborhood
in Amman, Jordan. The farmer threatened to poison them, so a decision was taken to rescue as
many of the litter as possible. In late May, got infected with parvovirus and was treated. From late
June to end of October 2021 was placed with a family that was willing to allow the puppies to live
outdoors in their backyard for a modest monthly stipend. However, the family would not provide
anything beyond that: no medical care, grooming or interaction with the pups. During November,
he stayed at a boarding facility. Since end of November 2021, has been living in a garden next door to his rescuer with access to daily training and socialization.

Adoption costs: $650.00