! Urgent Foster Needed, Foster Home Needed

Needs a new foster placement


Male, 4-years, English Bulldog, 55lbs

Hey! This is Kessel, he is a 4 year old English bulldog. He loves wiggles, and toys, especially balls. Kessel is an incredible dog, very loyal and loving when he bonds with someone, and incredibly empathetic. Unfortunately he had a run in a couple years ago when with a delivery driver who kicked him in the head and since that day Kessel has become a reactive dog, especially towards men. He seems to do good with women if they establish a relationship with him, but is very aggressive towards men. He interacts good with myself and other males in my family but that is about all. We have learned he does not like children as well which is why we must now rehome him. We just brought home our first baby a couple days ago and he is being aggressive towards him as well. I think the best place for Kessel would be with a single, strong female who could offer him a good home with lots of love. We do have another dog and cat who he loves and has no issues with but I believe he would react to animals that he does not know. I know that leaves a very limited amount of places, but if it sounds like a match for you I will say he will fill your heart so much, he is so sweet and loving and dorky and his only issue is caring too much about his loved ones and doing everything to protect the people he bonds with. He is neutered, and has no health conditions other than allergies. He is a bull dog and they are a hard breed, he pants, gets overheated and can be either very lazy or crazy energetic. He is good in a crate but does love to sleep with humans more. He is raw fed and in great shape. We would love nothing more than to find a home that he feels welcome and loved where he can live out the rest of his days.




Raw food ( Lamb )




French fries

Ear scratches





Adoption costs: $650.00

Adoption costs: $650.00