Nova (Pup 4 RED)

- Available for Adoption

Available for Adoption


Age: 10 weeks (born January 30, 2022)
Sex: Intact female (spaying will be covered by BARC’s when the pup is older).
Estimated Breed: Shepherd x Husky
Estimated Size: Medium to large
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown, but young enough to train
Good with children?: Unknown, but young enough to train
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: High
Adoption Fee: $725
Foster Home Location: Calgary
Very active and healthy puppy.

Nova is a very confident pup who can be quite dominant with her litter mates. She will purposely push buttons and test boundaries with the other dogs to see how they react and will not back down when confronted, however, if she is spooked, she will run to her people for reassurance. Nova is exceptionally smart and will sit and watch everyone for long periods of time, She enjoys laying on the couch with her people watching TV or finding a cold patch of floor to stretch out on.
Nova is teething and testing boundaries therefore not recommended for homes with small children unless someone can supervise and correct her when she gets mouthy/bitey.
She is not housetrained yet but will use training pads and is a very quick learner. She enjoys going outside and investigating the yard and enjoys laying in a cooler spot or hole to lounge the afternoon away.
Nova has a lot of Husky in her breed make-up and can be quiet vocal and demanding and she loves to run and play. She has not been out on leashed walks until after she has been fully vaccinated.
With training, Nova will make a great loyal companion for an active family.

Adoption costs: $725.00