- Available for Adoption

Available for Adoption


Age: 2 year
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: PBTx
Weight: 57 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes, with proper introduction
Good with cats?: Unknown, likely not though
Good with children?: Unknown, but likely with older kids
Special/Medical Needs: None
Energy Level: Medium
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650.00
Foster Home Location: Calgary, AB

Pete, or Pete-zah as we fondly call him, is not only handsome but also an exuberantly happy and affectionate guy. He was brought to Canada by BARCS in April 2022 after being picked up as a stray in Texas following a run in with a porcupine.

Since coming into foster care Pete has been a model house guest! He has had no accidents/will ask to go outside to do his business, and doesn't make a sound in his crate during the day or at night, other than a small whine to let you know he is happy to see you when you get home from work. Pete is a total love bug who wants nothing more than to be wherever his people are and lick the face of every new person he's introduced to. Pete does sometimes get a bit too excited when greeting people, which can lead him to jumping up, but this has improved a lot in the past few weeks.

Pete is a medium energy dog and needs daily exercise, but is completely happy to curl up on the couch with his people at the end of the day. He is an excellent running companion and would be perfect for anyone looking for a jogging buddy. He has a tendency to pull on leash during his walks, but this has improved immensely in the past few weeks. He is a smart boy and doing very well in a front pull harness, with ongoing training I’m sure it won’t take much longer for him to master his leash walking skills.

Pete is great in the car, enjoys going on adventures, and is working on remaining attentive when out and about. He has had a bath and was excellent once he was convinced to get into the bath tub. He is learning to wait until he is given permission to eat his meals, sit on his blanket when his foster parents are cooking in the kitchen, and to go lay on his bed during dinner times. Pete is not super food motivated during training sessions but thrives on praise and affection.

Pete currently resides with a resident female dog whom he adores and will happily share all his toys with. He loves to play tug of war with her, wrestle, and zoomie. He has occasionally shown some mild possessiveness with bones/kongs which is easily managed with appropriate supervision when these toys are out.

Pete loves other dogs and is very playful, but can be very heightened during initial meetings. He has a tendency to hump and play a bit rough at the first meeting, although these behaviors do settle fairly quickly once he has had a few playdates with a new dog. Pete has not been tested with cats but has shown some prey drive around the local rabbits so likely would be best in a non-feline home. He would likely do alright around older kids but due to his size/bouncy exuberance I wouldn’t recommend

him for a home with small children. Pete would be happy in a home with a playful fur sibling, provided his new family is patient during introductions, or to be your one and only with no competition for a spot on the couch beside you.

Overall, Pete is a happy, goofy boy who wants nothing more than to be your best friend!

Adoption costs: $650.00