Male, 6 years, pit bull X, 64 lbs

Hi I’m Wylie

My foster Aunty and I have spent a few weeks together now, and I finally feel comfortable opening up about myself- and the amazing man I am.
First thing ... in no way do want to come across boastfully, but I am a complete gentleman.
My foster Aunty and I take many adventures. We have gone on daily car rides, patio adventures, gatherings at friends houses, long walks and runs through the parks here in Calgary, although the weather has been a bit of a shock to me .. honestly I have grown quite found of Canada and all the people I have met here.
The key to my heart are my toys!
I love to play, whether it be with humans or while I’m home alone, my toys are my prized possessions. My foster Aunty tries to trick me with treats and bones when she leaves, but honestly if I can’t be snuggled in bed with her or joining her in the car, I’m most happy knowing I have toys to play with while I wait.
My Aunty also realized very quickly that I’m not a fan of my kennel, I get anxiety when I’m inside, and have shown her that I am always on my best behaviour while in the house. ( even when she leaves food or shoes out to test me ) She also lets me sleep in bed with her, this means she has me bath .. a lot. I try to pretend that she’s silly when she suggests it’s bath time, but I honestly enjoy it so very much.
My foster Aunty also has a girl who lives with us, we get up in the mornings - even when it’s cold and we drive her to a place called school. I really enjoy this car ride, always so many people, big and small at the school place and I get to make new friends every time. The girl who lives with us introduced me to a rabbit, he was cute, but I think he’s too small to be my friend.
I’ve over heard my foster Aunty talk about me with people and she always says amazing things. She tells them how well I walk on a leash and how my home manners are like no other. I wait to be invited and only play with toys that are given to me. I never beg, and eat when I’m hungry ( even though I’m a bit of slob she always tells me how cute I am while I do ) I only go on the comfy human places when I’m invited, and even respect those rules while home alone.
I’m really looking for a forever home that would be looking for their best friend. I have so much love to give and it would be best if I didn’t have to share my family’s time with other pets as I truly just want to have an equal love exchange relationship.

Wylie is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00