Available for Adoption


Estimated Age: 2 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Indian Pariah (Formosan Mountain Dog)
Weight: 40 lbs
Good with dogs? Yes, but selective
Good with cats? No
Good with children? Yes
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650
Current Location: Strathmore, AB

Myra has her own Instagram account! Please feel free to check it out :) @myrathewonderdog

Update from the foster - Myra has learned a bunch of new tricks with our boys. She now does ‘paw’, ‘high 5’ and ‘bang!’. She also has mastered stay. She is working on recall as well.
We have also met some dogs on our adventures. She is better with dogs who are willing to give her space to make the first move. Any growls are communication to show she is just uncomfortable.

Myra is an amazing family dog. She loves to be around her people! She enjoys being around our children (ages 4, 5 and 8). She regularly plays with them, whether it be wrestling or fetch. She is gentle and listens when they tell her "out" to throw the ball again or to "sit" while she waits. She is patient with them and eagerly rolls over for belly rubs.

Myra sleeps in her crate at night, in our bedroom. We found this was the best place for her to sleep through the night, although I am sure she would love to share the bed. She enjoys a blanket in her crate with her as well as a blanket or two overtop to give her a 'den like feel'. She will sleep in and be ready to get up when you are.

Myra has been learning how to 'sit' 'wait' 'down' and 'leave it' since being at our house. At first, she was not very food motivated but now that she has warmed up, she responds well to treats. She especially likes cucumbers. She is also on a raw diet. I was hesitant at first with the raw diet, but it is really easy. Myra walks great on walks though will test you are first. She has been learning how to 'leave it' on walks as well. She has responded with a growl when walking past other dogs on leash but hasn't in the last 3 days. Lots of practice but she is eager to learn.

Myra is great in the car; she rides in our hatch and goes everywhere with us. She loves her walks and getting out with her people. She has been on family friendly hikes and also has started running with me in the mornings; we have gotten to about 1.5 km with her training though she could definitely do longer. She loves to 'giddy up' to get her going.

Myra does have a prey drive and would not get along well with cats or other smaller animals in the house. With proper introductions another dog could be a possibility. She does not bark frequently, just during our create training. My neighbours have not mentioned they have heard her. Myra can jump so a tie in the yard or high fences would be needed.

Myra would love to be with an active family, with kids and possibly another dog. She would love a place where she could be active then sleep in the sun outside for the rest of the day.

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Adoption costs: $650.00