ID#: RT20220209-2B
Date of Birth: April 11, 2022
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Husky mix
Weight: 110 lbs.
Good with dogs: Yes, with proper introductions
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: Yes, easily and unintentionally can knock over small children, means well and loves them. More suitable with older children due to her size.
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium/High
Current Location: Calgary
Adoption fee: $650

Fauna girl is so good and so sweet. She fits in easily and is very smart and picks up cues quickly. She would love nothing more than to just chill with you on the couch, play with her toys or go for an adventure. We've taken her to the store and the vet and exposed her to lots of different environments, she's met elderly and kids and she does excellent. Since she is a big girl and sometimes forgets her size older kids would probably be best. She can be nervous at first of new situations and new people she meets in the home but warms up quickly with some assurance and treats. She is an absolute gem and anyone would be so lucky to have her.

Fauna is 100% house trained and crate trained. She has not had a single accident in the house. She will actually whine by the door to ask you for out. Fauna likes to go for potty in a clean area she will not go if there is more than a couple poops around. She's definitely kept us on our toes for keeping our yard clean! She gets very excited when you get home and needs a reminder to not jump up. She knows sit, stay, shake/paw, spin, down, leave it, and she is learning roll over. She is very food motivated which makes it easy to train her. She is very good in the car, quiet, she does like to hop out as soon as you open the door so a doggy seatbelt that clips to a harness is recommended.

When Fauna was a puppy she was caught eating and swallowing socks. I have noticed she has a knack for finding the odd sock under the couch and playing with it, she has never had a chance to eat it obviously as I take it away right away. Adopters need to be diligent about keeping socks and similar size things away from her (underwear, etc.).

When we leave for work we crate her during the day as we are not sure if we can trust her to free roam just yet. She is nice and quiet in the crate 99% of the time, I leave her with a big frozen Kong and that keeps her busy until it's nap time. If she gets a little whiny and paws at her crate, she responds very well to my robot voice through our cameras to settle 😂. You simply need to say "ENOUGH" and "LIE DOWN" and she listens. She cannot be left with anything but the tray and a huge Kong inside her crate because of her affinity to eat soft things. However since she's a husky she does get hot and prefers the cooler tray anyway. She would do best with adopters that have a hybrid work situation as I don't think she would do well 5x a week 8 hrs a day in the crate if the plan is to crate her while away. I do think she can be trusted to free roam soon, she would probably do just fine corralled in a certain area of the house that is fully proofed as she respects the doggy gates.

She gets along very well with my male dog Odin who is of similar size and breed. She is the perfect balance of play and chill. They will wrestle around a couple times and then take a break, nap, wrestle again after a few hours. She tends to be the one to initiate play. Since she loves to play like this I think she would do great with a similar size dog who also is down for play like her, she also loves the other dogs in my family. She reads cues very well and is careful not to go too hard. When my dog tells her he's done she understands. She's done great with doggy play dates and group play with new dogs. Her recall needs a bit of work as she doesn't always come when you call her but she does go looking for you and she is more inclined if she knows you have treats so we are working on this.

When it comes to food and treats all are received inside the crate and supervised. Just say "KENNEL" and she will go in. I keep food, treats and high value toys separate from dogs always to avoid spats. Fauna absolutely loves soft squeaky toys to the point that she won't let go when you try to take them away. So I have been teaching her "DROP IT" and I can see she's starting to get it. She can't be left alone with soft toys with stuffing because she will rip it up and eat it.

This girl likes to pull on a walk but it is manageable even for her size. She could really drag me down the street if she likes but she doesn't. For this there are tools that she responds well to like the halti gentle leader set up we have got her on. She can actually be walked together with my dog on this set up (I use a hands free because it's a lot harder for them pull your entire body weight rather than just your arm). She is not dog reactive but she will stop and stare and get excited occasionally especially if the other dog is reactive otherwise she acts indifferent. For this we just do quick leash turn arounds or I hover a treat above her nose and she happily follows and goes for the treat instead.

Fauna girl is looking for an active family home that will continue her training and give her all the lovin she deserves.

Adoption costs: $650.00