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ID#: RT20220209-2B
Date of Birth: April 11, 2022
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Husky mix
Weight: 110 lbs.
Good with dogs: Yes, with proper introductions
Good with cats: Yes
Good with children: Yes, easily and unintentionally can knock over small children, means well and loves them. More suitable with older children due to her size.
Special/Medical Needs: She is showing signs of separation anxiety
Estimated Energy Level: Medium/High
Current Location: Calgary
Adoption fee: $650

Miss Fauna is a sweet soul who just wants & deserves a stable, loving "furever" home.

She is a very intelligent, kind, somewhat stubborn and sassy gal which is often quite humorous. She has only been with us for 1.5 weeks and still adjusting to the recent changes. It is imperative that she goes with someone she is going to stay with for the long haul as she has been moved around and is now exhibiting signs of separation anxiety (which are currently being worked on). She has not yet been left alone at home as we are working to rebuild her confidence and security. As of right now, we are crating her for downtime while home and to monitor her behaviours. (In previous homes, she has eaten a towel and a bed that were placed in her crate when left). Since a pup, she has been known to find a random loose sock and swallow it, stuffy toys are not ideal as she will swallow bits of these if she gets the chance to chew it apart. This has caused vomiting (lucky not worse and a blockage). Best if items are not left about for her to get at. She loves a good game of tug o'war and fetch with her humans as well as with one of the resident pups. She still has that puppy play and spirit with bursts of energy, playing very well with other dogs. At times she does not know her own size as she thinks she is a wee pup, she is slowly trusting us and getting more comfortable with being herself. She is not a super cuddly pup, but definitely likes to be close. She is always so happy to see you and will give some kisses :) We are finding her to be an absolute joy to have around!

This young lady is quickly learning to "ring the bells" at the door to ask to be let out, 99.9% of the time she does this, we have had 2 accidents, but I believe her whining was mistaken as she had not gone to the door. She has many tricks up her paws, like sit, lay down, shake, touch, spin etc. We are working on recall and walking on leash as she still pulls but is seemingly getting a bit better, excellent work in progress :) Fauna is extremely food-driven and may need some reminders to get her nose off of the counter (she is just the right height) but a gentle and firm hand and verbal reminder will go a long way with consistency. This of course has a big upside as she learns quickly with the positive reward, one of her favourites is frozen blueberries. Fauna would do best with a fenced backyard, she loves her walks, but she also really likes her time to just run around and spend time in the yard. Fauna will do better when someone is home, if working at an office, ideally not 5 days a week/8 hours a day, she does not do well crated for long periods of time for a full week. A home with another pup would be ideal, but not an absolute must if someone is around to keep her busy and stimulated.

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Adoption costs: $650.00