Foster Home Needed - Incoming


ID#: RT20220209-2B
Estimated Age: 1 Years (4/11/2022)
Sex: Female
Estimated Breed: Husky X
Weight: 98 lbs.
Good with dogs: Yes, with proper introductions
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: more suitable with older children due to her size
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level:
Current Location: Sundre, AB

What can we say about Fauna? She’s a big beautiful blue eyed husky x pup, just over a year old and about 98 pounds. She was born in care with Barcs to Elsa and T-bone in the spring of 2022 and has been with us since she was three months old. Unfortunately, due to a change in her adopters living arrangements, Fauna is now looking for a new family to call her own.

All the heavy lifting has really already been done with this sweet girl! Fauna is smart, loves her people, she knows her basic commands like sit, stay, wait, leave it, heel, & lay down. She sits and waits until given the “okay” before eating. Her inside manners are good, she doesn’t jump up or counter surf. She’s house trained and crate trained. She sleeps in her wire kennel at night and goes in when no one is home. She stays off furniture and never chews or takes things that she shouldn’t. As a younger pup she tended to eat socks and shred soft toys, so we’ve stuck to bigger rubber type toys & antler or bone chews instead. She loves car rides, water, hunting bugs, and is often happy to sit at the top of the deck stairs and just observe. She loves the snow. Fauna likes her walks and does great with a loose leash when using a head halter, as she’s a naturally strong puller. Sometimes it takes a few minutes into a walk to settle down, but overall, she does great.

Fauna is definitely a “tired dog is a happy dog” kind of girl. Fauna is not a big barker (even if the neighbor dogs are barking) but will occasionally alert with her big girl voice if someone is at the door. Her husky side comes out if she’s anxious or wants your attention. She’s a big baby and loves belly rubs and bum scratches.

Fauna has never shown reactivity towards people or animals, she plays great with other bigger dogs after a proper introduction. No experience with cats. A family with older kids might be better just due to her size. She’s Good with brushing & baths, but hates her nails being done. Fauna is pretty food motivated, easy to train (and loves a couple frozen blueberries before bedtime 🙂 her tummy doesn’t appreciate soft processed type dog treats or “filled” bones.

She’s maturing very nicely, and as a young energetic dog she still has so much to learn and experience! Her personality is such that she would do best with a gentle but strong leader to continue her journey with.

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