Estimated Age: 2 year
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Formosan mi
Weight: 35lbs
Good with dogs? Yes, with proper introductions
Good with cats? Yes, with proper introductions
Good with children? Yes, with proper introductions
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium - low
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650
Current Location: Calgary

Mazie is a quiet, quirky, and loveable 2-year-old Formosan mix. Mazie arrived from India in September and has been enjoying a longer decompression period in order to learn the dog life in Canada! Mazie loves her spot on the couch, she loves her naps, and loves liver treats! Mazie is approximately 35lbs.

Temperament: Mazie is very quiet during the day (both when her humans are home and when they are gone) and enjoys napping on the couch. Although it takes her some convincing to leave her warm spot on the couch, she enjoys her walking routine, loves having sun baths on the back deck, and loves rolling in grass. Mazie would do great in a quiet family home or be an incredible companion to someone who works from home or is retired. Mazie takes a minute to warm up to new things, a new walking routine, or new people, but once she feels comfortable and understands the routine, she is keen to take part!

House training: Mazie loves her crate, which she trusts to be her safe space, and she is a very quiet and sound sleeper at night in her crate or on the couch (she gets to decide). Mazie is fully house trained and has had no accidents. Mazie does well in the car!

Walks: On leashed walks, Mazie may take a minute to remember how to walk with her leash, but once she gets going, she is hot to trot! Mazie has not yet learned her basic commands, but she does love her liver treats, and she loves affection, so she will be quick to learn her sit, stay, come, down, with her forever human! Mazie has a very thin coat and has required a dog jacket in order to handle the September weather, so she will most definitely be in need of a heavier coat to handle the Alberta winter.

Dogs: Mazie has met other dog friends and greets them shyly, and often times she will stand still while they evaluate her. Once they have met, Mazie likes every dog she meets! Mazie has never met a cat, but we suspect she would enjoy the routine of a cat (she is quite the cat napper).

People: Mazie timidly accesses new people, but as soon as they give her some neck scratches (which turn into belly rubs) she will start to feel more comfortable. Mazie doesn’t like it if people are laughing or talking too loudly when she is trying to greet them. Once Mazie feels comfortable, she is a total love bug, and you are not allowed to walk past her without giving her lots of love and snuggles.

Based on our time with Mazie, we believe she would do best in a quiet home that has lots of space on the couch for napping and snuggling (she is such a lover!), and a backyard for her to explore on her own time (and have naps in the sun). She would make an incredible companion for someone who might be more of the homebody variety (as she is). Either way, she will steal your heart very quickly and always put a smile on your face!

Adoption costs: $650.00