Foster Home Needed - Incoming


Female, spayed
Approximately 21 kg
Estimated Date of Birth: March 2021 (Age: 1 year and 2 months as of June 2022)

Flona is one of the most affectionate dogs, when she bonds with you she’d shower you with kisses. She is very sweet and has a funny and expressive face with a permanent smile. She will warm your heart with her lovable personality. She’s easy to train, responds to commands namely sit, down and come. She knows that she needs to ‘sit’ for door to open so she’d go on a walk. She’s excellent in her crate and good in car rides. She is currently being socialized with other dogs. She would be a wonderful addition to any home that can be patient with her at the beginning because she remains shy with new people. But with love, attention and cuddles she will trust you and flood you with joy.

Flona is a fun loving, intelligent dog!
Has vibrant but moderate energy and a permanent smile on her face. She would be a wonderful addition to any home that can give her love, attention and cuddles.
Loves to play chasing with her littermate and rescuers.
Loves to jump and give her carers kisses.
Playful and responds well to adult commands namely ‘sit’, ‘come’ and ‘down’. Training is in progress and she is easy to train.
Flona is exuberant and is starting to enjoy walks but will be more fulfilled when she has more space.
Is afraid of new people. Cautious and unsure in new situations.
Barking – moderate to low. Barks at passersby if she is inside the garden and they are outside the fence but mostly at people who approach the fence or stare at her.
Very occasional and mild resource guarding towards littermate over new (very tasty) treats and new toys.
Behavior with men/women
She is cautious with new people in general. Better with women, more cautious with men.
Behavior with kids (what age)
She has had limited interaction with kids 5-14 years old but with supervision and while on leash. She ate treats from their hands.
Behavior with other dogs (male/female)
She gets excited when she sees people walking their dogs. She acts in a friendly way and wants to approach other dogs. Does not show aggression or dominant behavior when she sees other dogs so the hope is she will interact well with other dogs. She is currently being socialized with other dogs.
Behavior with cats
Limited interaction with cats; observes community cats, gets very excited and is inclined to chase them but responds to leash pull immediately.
How is the dog in a car
Good and calm in car.
Can the dog be left home alone
Has never been left at home alone but when she is left with her sister outdoors she is currently not distressed or barking.
Not housetrained (not had the luxury to try yet!). But when indoors she does business on newspapers laid out for her.
Leash trained
Yes. Still gets spooked when she sees people approaching while walking on leash outside, though improving every day. It is important to use two harnesses and two leashes while walking her so she would not escape when spooked.
Leash trained
Yes. She is excellent in her crate.
What family would be a good match
A family without young children.
Best if family lives in a house that has a yard or a family living in an apartment but willing to provide other access to green space (dog parks, grass, etc.). A relatively active family that enjoys exercise and the outdoors. Best if family has some experience with shy dogs.
Found with littermates and mom in early May 2021 in a farmer’s yard in Abdoun, a neighborhood in Amman, Jordan. The farmer threatened to poison them and in late May, they got infected with parvovirus and so the decision was taken to rescue as many of the litter as possible. From late June to end of October 2021 was placed with a family that was willing to allow the puppies to live outdoors in their backyard for a modest monthly stipend. However, the family would not provide anything beyond that: no medical care, grooming or interaction with the pups. From November 2021 to April 2022, Rum (and her sister Rum) stayed at a home-based boarding facility in a room, and did not have access to outdoor space because they were not trained on the leash yet. Since end of April 2022, they have been living in a garden next-door to their rescuers with access to daily training and socialization and she sleeps indoors at her rescuer’s place.

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Adoption costs: $650.00