Foster Home Secured


Rum (after Rum Valley Desert in Jordan) 
Female, spayed
Approximately 21 kg
Estimated Date of Birth: March 2021 (Age: 1 year and 2 months as of June 2022) 
No known health conditions.
Where the dog resides now; In a garden of an apartment being used as a warehouse. Apartment is located on a busy street in a residential neighborhood in Amman next door to her rescuers.
Temperament & Behavior Loveable and responsive personality.
Moderate energy.
Loves to play chasing with her littermate and rescuers. Intelligent and receptive to training. Responds to ‘sit’ and ‘come’ commands. Training is in progress. Loves cuddles, extremely friendly with known carers and is playful with her rescuers but is afraid of new people. Cautious and unsure in new situations. Alert, watchful and will notice anything new or any new person in her space.
Barking – moderate to low. Barks at passersby if she is inside the garden and they are outside the fence but mostly at people who approach the fence or stare at her.
Likes to dig.
Behavior with men/women; She is cautious with new people in general. Better with women, more cautious with men.
Behavior with kids (what age); She has had limited interaction with kids 5-14 years old but with supervision and while on leash. She ate treats from their hands.
Behavior with other dogs (male/female); She gets excited when she sees people walking their dogs and shows interest in meeting them. She acts in a friendly way and wants to approach other dogs. Does not show aggression or dominant behavior when she sees other dogs so the hope is she will interact well with other dogs. Closer introductions with other dogs will be arranged soon in preparation for her travel to Canada.
Behavior with cats; Limited interaction with cats; observes community cats, gets very excited and is inclined to chase them but responds to leash pull immediately.
How is the dog in a car; Has not been introduced to car rides yet. Rum will soon be introduced to car rides in preparation for her travel to Canada.
Can the dog be left home alone Has never been left at home alone but when she is left with her sister outdoors she is currently not distressed or barking.
Housetrained; Not housetrained (not had the luxury to try yet!). But when indoors she does business on newspapers laid out for her.
Leash trained; Yes. Still gets spooked when she sees people approaching while walking on leash outside, though improving every day.
What family would be a good match A family without young children. Best if family lives in a house that has a yard or a family living in an apartment but willing to provide other access to green space (dog parks, grass, etc.). A relatively active family that enjoys exercise and the outdoors. Best if family has some experience with shy dogs. 
Found with littermates and mom in early May 2021 in a farmer’s yard in Abdoun, a neighborhood in Amman, Jordan. The farmer threatened to poison them and in late May, they got infected with parvovirus and so the decision was taken to rescue as many of the litter as possible. From late June to end of October 2021 was placed with a family that was willing to allow the puppies to live outdoors in their backyard for a modest monthly stipend. However, the family would not provide anything beyond that: no medical care, grooming or interaction with the pups. From November 2021 to April 2022, Rum (and her sister Flona) stayed at a home-based boarding facility in a room, and did not have access to outdoor space because they were not trained on the leash yet. Since end of April 2022, they have been living in a garden next-door to their rescuers with access to daily training and socialization.

Once the dog arrives in care, they will go into foster care for 1 week so we can get to know their personalities better. After the first week, we will post their adoption biographies and review adoption applications or announce that the foster provider has adopted them.
At that time, if you would like to be considered in the event they are accepting applications, please fill out an adoption application.

This dog will be arriving from Stray Dog Support

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