Sanctuary, not for re-homing


This little spitfire is Ares. Ares and other dogs like him are in need of help. BARCS makes a point to never turn away a dog, even if they need a speedy wheelchair.
Ares, in Greek religion is the god of war or, more properly, the spirit of battle and that is why we chose the name.
Ares has been through so much in his short life. He suffered some sort of trauma that fractured his spine, paralyzing him from the waist down. Despite his battles to date, he is full of spirit and fights to continue living and loving life to the fullest.
BARCs Rescue is committed to his care, therapy and ongoing medical requirements and we are asking for your help. Ares will be a sanctuary foster dog so that with the help of our followers, we can do what is best for him medically for the rest of his life.
Ares is a prime example of how BARCs Rescue does not discriminate when it comes to dog rescue and you can meet Ares at events, fundraisers and general meet and greets for BARCs Rescue.
In addition to monetary donations towards his veterinary care, chiropractic treatments and physical therapy, Ares requires several items specific to his care alone.
To follow along on more updates please join our virtual foster page that shares information on our sanctuary dogs!

To donate for his care, please email with Ares in the subject line.
Ares also goes through 2 boxes of small male dog wraps per month