Available for Adoption


Estimated Age: 2022-05-23
Sex: Male (BARCs will pay for his neuter)
Estimated Breed: Shepherd Mix
Weight: 13 lbs
Good with dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Yes, but older
Special/Medical Needs: Possible neurological issue being investigated
Estimated Energy Level: Medium-High
Minimum Adoption Fee: $725
Current Location: Sherwood Park, AB

HI I’m Rowan and I’m the happiest (and cutest) guy you will ever see. I had a rough start in life, so I was very scared of everything when I arrived at BARCs with my mom. My foster mom saw me at the facility and due to me pulling my (very convincing) puppy dog eye… decided she couldn’t leave me there and scooped me up and drove me to Edmonton to meet my two foster sisters.
At first, being in a house was super confusing and I had lots of things to learn but my foster sisters really helped me learn the rules. Now that I’ve realized I’m safe, food is always coming, and I’m feeling better - I just want to play all the time.
I’m still little so I’m learning how to go to the bathroom outside and I’m getting pretty good at asking but you’ve got to be paying attention because if you don’t get me when I ask, I can’t hold it for very long. Except when I’m in my kennel then I can sleep almost all night without having to go pee.
I don’t like walking on a leash yet but I’m learning that I get to go on adventures when the leash comes out so I’m slowly getting used to it. I’ll need my future family to show me the ropes and take your time to show me that the world can be a fun exciting place! I think I would really like to do some puppy classes with you because I’m super smart and I catch onto things quickly.
I would do best in a home with another dog to play with and a family who isn’t gone for super long periods of time because I am JUST starting to feel safe, so I get stressed when I feel like I’ve been left by myself. I am good in my kennel for a few hours, but I want to be out with you, doing whatever you’re doing!
I love every person I have met but I haven’t been around the little humans yet so maybe older, little humans would be better. I still have sharp puppy teeth and claws and will need to learn boundaries.
I promise to be the best dang boy for you if only you bring me into your family! I have so much love to give, can I come give it to you?
Notes from Foster Mom:
• He LOVES dogs and I think he would do best in a house with another dog (preferably older than him). He needs someone else to play with and show him the ropes - he takes dog correction really well. He would also do fine in a house without dogs as long as he has people to play with and he’s not alone for extended periods of time (he can definitely learn that but right now he’s not quite old enough).
• He hasn’t been exposed to Cats so not sure what he would do but he’s young enough (and currently small enough) that I think he’d have no problem learning.
• He hasn’t been exposed to young kids so I would say puppy savvy kids or older kids would be the best fit for him
• He doesn’t Bark very much, only when he thinks he’s by himself in his Kennel and then he will cry for about 5 minutes until he realizes it’s time for bed and he settles. He’s getting more and more used to the routine so he is starting to settle down faster.
• He is doing really well on his house training! He understands that he has to go pee outside and once he knows how to ask to go, he’s really good about telling you and then holding it until he gets outside. He is SUPER smart and just needs to know what the rules are.
• He is not a fan of his collar, harness or leash but is slowly getting used to them. I would definitely recommend a fenced yard so you can do leash training with him in a contained area.
• Overall – he’s honestly the sweetest boy and he is going to make ANY family the happiest. We absolutely adore him and can’t wait for him to find his forever home.

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Adoption costs: $725.00