Estimated DOB: July 12/22
Sex: Female (BARCs will cover her spay)
Estimated Breed: German Shepard Mix
Weight: Last weigh in week of Sept 12/22 – 4.0 kg, growing rapidly
Good with dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unsure
Good with children? Not right now
Special/Medical Needs: Requires booster vaccination, and second deworming
Estimated Energy Level: Medium - High
Minimum Adoption Fee: $750
Current Location: Calgary, AB

Chelsea is a wonderful little girl whose size will match her big personality in no time. She is currently around 10 weeks old right now, and draws so much attention wherever she goes because she is absolutely adorable. She is rambunctious and enjoys her independence. She is very food motivated, so it’s important to have healthy treats on hand at all times. Chelsea is intelligent, loyal and friendly. She is quick to focus when being presented with treats, and she is learning how to walk nicely on leash outside, and off leash when in the hallways of my apartment building. She has not had any formal training yet, and this is something that would be strongly suggested to start as soon as possible.
Informal training at home has been a challenge, but we feel this may be because she shares a name with her foster mum! We haven’t been able to change the name to help with this issue, but we are hopeful the training will improve once she doesn’t share a name with someone else in the home!

Chelsea came to us quite ill, but she has shown much improvement! As she is getting older, she is loving her independence more and more. Chelsea is high energy so routine is important for her to keep her regulated. She does not enjoy closed off crates, but she has shown more comfort with a wired cage where she can see more of what is happening. If she becomes too worked up, sometimes covering the cage with a blanket has helped to decrease stimulus. Chelsea is being housed with her sister right now, and her sister seems to be the ringleader which can make Chelsea rebel every once in a while. Chelsea is protective of those she cares about but has shown that she behaves nicely when meeting new people so far. Keep your hair and anything dangly out of site though when playing with Chelsea as she will chomp on it without hesitation

Chelsea is learning quickly how to use pee pads for accidents in the house, this is a science that she is still trying to perfect! She does not seem to take much of an interest in chew toys, but raw hide bones and pig’s ears have been a hit and helps to keep her distracted if needed. They have been great to use for redirection when she inevitably starts using some household furniture is lieu. I feel that this behavior will decrease once she and her sister move into separate homes to enjoy life independently.

Chelsea has shown very appropriate behavior at the dog park with other dogs of different sizes. She is fiercely independent and full of confidence.

Chelsea has had some anxiety when left alone or parted from her sister. Because of this we recommend Chelsea goes to a detached house with parents who will pay special attention to this side of her and help her transition into a new environment. Her appetite is larger than life to support the big girl she will be one day!

It is not recommended that she is around little kids at this time due to her tendency to chomp – although her intention is not to be mean, her puppy teeth are still in and quite sharp so she has more of an ability to injure someone than she may realize.
Chelsea is a funny character – when she is tired she enjoys being held but to avoid aggressive behavior, it is important that she knows she can leave when she wants to go explore her environment freely. Chelsea has been sleeping better alone and has shown some restlessness when humans try to snuggle her.
We have truly fallen in love with her wonderful and funny personality, and anyone who has the time, and is willing to show her the constant attention she needs and provide her the safety and training that will benefit her future, will be incredibly blessed.

Adoption costs: $725.00