Adoption in Progress


Age: approx. 13 months
Sex: male
Breed: chi
Weight: 11lbs - still a bit under weight
Dogs: yes, with proper introductions
Cats: unknown
Kids: yes, but older children preferred
Medical: none
Energy: medium-high
Location: Airdrie

Hi! My name is Cheddar and I’m looking for my furever home.

Some of my hobbies include:
• Chewing bully sticks. Sometimes I’ll ask you to hold it for me while I chew.
• Chasing this trixy tail that keeps following me around.
• Playin’ tug or fetch with my teddy and foster mom. I'll bring you my toy when I want to play. I also love to play with my foster fur brother.

I can tell you that I much prefer to sleep beside my foster mom on her bed - if she puts me in my crate at night, I tell her many stories about why I hate it so. Sometimes I have to howl and bark to really get my point across. I like to burrow in the blankets and snuggle up to my person. I recently have been sleeping through the whole night without having to use my pee pad.

Speaking of which, I am also not completely house trained and had a few accidents when I first got here. My foster mom takes me out every couple of hours to make sure I do my business outside. I use my pee pads inside if I must go (usually 2x a day) but no accidents! Ideally, my new home will have a yard I can use when I want so I can finally finish my potty training.

My new person or family will hopefully be home pretty much all of the time, but I do well for a couple of hours if my foster mom has to go out. Sometimes the neighbors will hear my cute little howl when I'm lonely, but it's not too annoying. I would do well as the only dog in the house with opportunities to socialize, or in a home with another similar sized dog that is medium energy (so we can play). As I'm getting more comfortable, my dominant personality is coming out, but I should chill out a bit once I'm neutered.

No pup is perfect, and I too have my bad habits. I just love people food and will beg and follow you around for it - even when you’re cooking. I will be easy to train as I’m so food motivated.

When I first got here, I could care less to go on an actual walk, but now that I’m getting more comfortable, I really like going for walks to explore. Everything is new and scary, so I must bark to tell everyone. It could be a garage door opening, someone walking by making a lot of noise, a bike going by or other dogs that get too close. I would really benefit from going to basic training for reactive dogs. Once I get to know a dog, we're friends.

Other tidbits:
• I travel in my crate in the car and cry a bit, but not too much.
• I did great at the groomer for my nail trim and was only a little scared.
• I do well in the bath at home if you distract me with peanut butter.
• I have met kids aged 3 and 6 and did really well - just a little jumpy, however I'm still very puppy-like and am mouthing, so older kids or adults only would be best. Because of this, I will have to give you kisses on my terms or you'll have to sneak them in when I'm sleepy.
• I have not been tested with cats but I sure want to run after the neighborhood bunnies and birds. I will likely run after cats, too.
• I will need a slow feeding bowl as I vacuum my food up in about 10 seconds.

Overall, I’m such a great little pup and will make you smile everyday.

If you are interested in meeting this dog, please fill out an application.

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Adoption costs: $650.00