Estimated Age: Around 2 years possibly
Sex: Male
Estimated Breed: Jack Russel, Basenji Mix
Weight: 29lbs
Good with dogs? With proper and slow intros, he gets along great with most dogs. He is higher energy and learning proper manners, so he does best with tolerant dogs.
Good with cats? Not tested, he appears to want to chase small prey though.
Good with children? Yes, although he jumps so would be best in a home with older kids or dog savvy kids.
Special/Medical Needs: none
Estimated Energy Level: High
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650
Current Location: Airdrie, AB

Shilo is a goofy, young and energetic boy currently fostered in a home with two bully breeds and a 9yr old child.

Shilo is extremely smart and has proven to learn quickly from his foster parents and the dogs he is living with currently. He needs a bit of time for a proper intro and barks at some dogs while on leashed walks but after a brief walk gradually getting closer to the dogs he does relax and settles in well. He’s learning his manners well and is learning how to play with other dogs, he absolutely loves running around the yard and playing with his foster fur pals.

He is a rather quiet dog, he barks occasionally when he gets excited playing with other dogs, during walks when he sees other dogs but is very easy to redirect, and when the resident dogs bark at the window he will let out a quiet bark. He does well with the 9 year old in the home and likes giving her gentle kisses and tries playing a bit with her too.

Leash walking he is working on and he just started using a bike attachment so he can run during bike rides and loves it. He seems to adapt very well to new situations and has shown no nervousness meeting new people.

He will need slow and proper intros to dogs, mostly due to him not knowing how to appropriately meet news dogs. When going slow with leashed walk introductions he has done well. He’s a gorgeous and lovely boy and enjoys getting some snuggle time with his people when it’s time to relax. He is house trained and sleeps great in his crate overnight!

Shilo’s Wishlist:
- an active person or family who will understand that he needs regular exercise to keep him happy.
- could be ok with other dogs in the home with a proper introduction, it would be ideal if the other dog(s) were tolerant with younger energetic dogs because he would LOVE that!
- likely not a match with cats, but he hasn’t been tested yet.
- a backyard would be a bonus because he loves to play and likes toys and balls! He would likely be fine in an attached home setting as well, as long as he gets proper exercise.
- kids likely ok, however he is young and learning proper manners, so he does jump when excited.
- would be great with some advanced training to learn more tricks and manners, he’s incredibly smart and good motivated!

Adoption costs: $650.00