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Estimated age: 10 months
Sex: female
Estimated breed: chihuahua plus other mix.
Her coat is a beautiful colouring of Brindle
Weight: Approximately 9 lbs.
Good with dogs? Yes
Good with children? Yes
Good with cats. Not known
Medical needs? Not known
Estimated energy level: High energy.
Absolutely loves to play.
Current location? Calgary, Ab

Twinkle is a very sweet girl. Twinkle is not at all an aggressive dog. She loves playing with dogs, as well as humans. She loves walks and is good on leash.

Twinkle has no issues going to sleep on a bed and sleeps all night. If you wake up and go somewhere she goes back to sleep when you come back in your room. She loves playing with her toys.

Twinkle would be great with children and she also she will play with dogs. She does have a lot of energy so she needs someone who has time to spend with or dogs to play with.

She loves to cuddle and be around her people! She is a very special little dog who will love to be cuddled!

If you are interested in meeting this dog, please fill out an application.

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Adoption costs: $725.00