Estimated Age: 2 years
Sex: Female (BARCs will cover her spay)
Estimated Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix
Weight: 60 lbs
Good with dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown, but likely good
Good with children? Yes
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Low-Medium
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650
Current Location: Sundre, AB

Soda is a calm girl. She is good with my dogs who are medium sized.

The veterinary clinic had a cat there and she showed no reactions to the cat. Soda did see a deer on a walk and was curious but other than pull a bit on leash she was easily corrected. Most of the time she walks great on leash.

Soda is good with kids and doesn’t bark. She loves to play with toys, and she doesn’t rip them part which is nice. She would do well with a playmate her size.

She does take treats well but on one of our walks she did jump up to grab a treat from one of my neighbours. In her excitement, she accidentally grabbed the neighbor’s hand. No harm done but it was a shock. We do not have strangers offer treats anymore.

She will take food off the table if given the opportunity. When you, say “no” she thinks about it but then tries again. If you put your hand in front and say “no”, she will walk away. Soda will need more training to correct this.

She wants to play with the resident dogs, but they want nothing to do with her. She met a puppy on a walk was too big and excited. She would be best placed with medium to larger dogs until she understands how to play.

If I didn’t have two dogs, I would have most likely kept her. For she is a sweet girl.

If you are interested in meeting this dog, please fill out an application.

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Adoption costs: $650.00