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Estimated age: 2 years
Sex: Male (Neuter will be covered by BARCs)
Estimated breed: chihuahua mix.
Weight: 25 lbs.
Good with dogs? Yes with proper introductions
Good with children? Unknown
Good with cats? Unknown
Medical needs?
Estimated energy level:
Current location? Sturgeon County AB

Chuck arrived in Calgary from California and was immediately driven to Edmonton. After his long journey he did not seem afraid rather he was curious, loving and full of kisses which he was willing to share. After two days of decompression, he still had a cough, so he remained kenneled and away from other dogs until he was well. During isolation he continued to be happy and content.

He was introduced slowly to his two sibling dogs with some growling at first, all seems well now. He runs and lunges at dogs on the other side of fence, so interaction with other dogs should be cautions and gradual.
Chuck is friendly with all adults but has not been around children.

He has some understanding of basic dog commands. He has some understanding and responses to sit, stay, no, etc, is improving daily. He didn’t seem to be house trained but has had no accidents so far either in the house or in his kennel.

Chuck is kennel trained. He is now out of kennel full-time, when we are home, and loves being part of our family life, but he is kenneled and sleeps through the night. He is kenneled when we are gone in larger day crate and barks when we leave but is quiet upon our return.

Chuck really loves attention and cuddles. He is usually very close to his foster Mom. He loves being in the back yard with the other dogs and he loves chew toys. He always eats well

All around Chuck is a friendly, sociable, loving boy…

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