Estimated Age: 2 years (assessed by Calgary Vet)
Sex: Female (BARCs will cover her spay)
Estimated Breed: PBTx
Weight: 35lbs
Good with dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium - High
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650
Current Location: Calgary, AB

My name is Trinity and I’m a young girl looking for a loving and active family to call my own. I am equal part energy and snuggle. I love my foster mom and grandma and warm up really fast to ladies. I am a 35 pound mixed breed who is house trained, crate trained and still working on my leash skills. My current foster family lives in a townhouse and I am quiet and only bark once when the mail man goes by. I am so loving that I don’t like to be left alone too long and may cry if I’m in my crate and you walk away. I have just enough puppy left in me that I may go into the garbage for some Kleenex but will bring it straight to my humans to take from my mouth. I listen really well when told no and off. I also know sit and come. I am so smart that I know how to open the screen door and maybe the back fence latch.

I have some human children in my life. I am especially in love with my foster human baby. She is so cute and I love to kiss her fingers and really all over her. Sometimes I have to be reminded that babies don’t like to be slobbered on. I don’t mind when she crawls over and sticks her fingers in my crate, I just lick them. She accidentally tried to eat my food and I didn’t mind. My other human kids are 7 and 10. I get so excited when they come home from school. I think it would be best that the kids I live with understand I love them so much I want to snuggle, hug and kiss them and may jump to get more love. I listen really well when the boys say off.

I have a senior female foster sister who kinda thinks I’m a bit too much fun for her. I like to jump around and that seems to freak her out. I am really interested in other dogs but will need my new family to teach me the ways of good doggie meeting. I have met birds, squirrels and even a turtle on my walks and don’t really care that they are there. I have not met any cats so not sure how that would go.

I love toys and balls. I play fetch and would play for hours if you let me. I think I would really like to play Frisbee, I jump up and catch really well and will bring it back to you. Once I have had my walk I will sit at your feet or beside you on the couch while you work or watch TV. I might kiss your foot every once in a while, to let you know I’m still there. I am not spooked by new situations, and I think I would try new things and experiences. I may be from California, but mountain hikes are probably my thing.

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Adoption costs: $650.00