Harry (Coco-Calvin)



Harry (Coco-Calvin)
Estimated Age: 10 years
Sex: Intact Male
Estimated Breed: Chihuahua-Terrier Mix
Weight: 10 lbs
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with children: Yes
Estimated Energy Level: Low
Disposition: Always happy
Special/Medical Needs: Almost Blind
Knows his name: responds to Calvin
Current Location: Calgary
Minimum Adoption Fee: $375

Calvin is a very sweet old gentleman, happy and ever so content, tail always up, and he is looking for a calm retirement home. He loves when he is around people and is happy to lounge around whether it be on your lap or under your chair. When you talk to him it is like the best day of his life. Hi is SO happy to receive attention, he will lick you endlessly. His favorite place to sleep is up-side-down on our lap/legs when we are watching TV.

He has a very calm disposition but still enjoys going for walks. Because of his eye sight he needs safe guidance. His confidence increased a lot the more often we took him out. After a month we have to remind ourselves that he has a vision problem. He has adapted so well already.

Calvin seems to be able to see shadows but has little depth perception. He is very good at mapping out the house, way better than our Roomba. He learned walking upstairs to our front door (on a leash). Walking down the stairs is still a work in progress. To make up for his lack of vision, his sense of smell and hearing are excellent.

Calvin is great with children. He treats them like all people, with respect and love. He is also good in a crate. He does not like to be left alone but with a soft chew treat will be calm until we return. He almost never barks. No problems in the car either.

Mostly he ignores dogs other than the obligatory sniffing. There has been the occasional growling but usually there is no reaction at all. Sometimes one of our dogs actually growls at him (our senior Lady can’t figure out that he does not see her) and he just walks away.

Did I mention that he is always happy?

Calvin is easy to groom. Some brushing, the occasional bath, and a nail trim, and he is very patient with it. He is missing teeth so we give him small sized kibble. He loves picking it out of his snuffle mat. His left eye is sunken but does not need any extra care. There is no oozing and it does not seem to hurt him at all.

He is mostly house-trained but does need to be let out frequently as he has been marking when not supervised. His neutering appointment is scheduled for early December, paid for by BARCs. This should help a lot. Currently we are using a bellyband (male diaper) and it stays dry most days.

Calvin is a really great dog and don’t let his vision problem stop you from considering him as your companion. You will get adjusted and attached to each other in no time at all.

Adoption costs: $375.00