Scooby Doo

Available for Adoption


Estimated Age: 2.5 Years
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Terrier Mix
Weight: 6 lbs
Good with dogs? Yes, smaller preferred
Good with cats? Unknown, likes to chase birds and squirrels
Good with children? Yes, older preferred
Special/Medical Needs: Grade 1-2 Medial Luxating Patella
Estimated Energy Level: Low-Medium
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650
Current Location: Calgary, AB

Scooby Doo is a very tiny terrier mix breed and such a sweet little guy with a big heart and is about 2-3 years old.

He is very excitable and enjoys just being a lapdog too. He tends to be very loyal to one person, but I am sure in time to the adopter family would come around.

Scooby Doo does have a condition called Medial Luxating Patella which has been graded between a 1 and a 2 which is mild. The veterinarian indicated that this is quite common in small breed dogs and just to be aware of the condition.

Scooby Doo is too small to do stairs or get onto furniture (if permitted) and with his bad knee, a ramp would be needed, or he has to be carried/lifted.

He does have a pretty good bark when someone comes to the door and with noises that he is not familiar with. When I take him for short walks, if he sees another dog, he will bark which I am sure can be corrected.

He gets along with other dogs; I have a very old dog that he is just fine around so I am sure with proper introduction will be just with other dogs, smaller breeds preferred.

He has not met any children but with his size, maybe older children or an adult-only home would be best.

Scooby Doo is house-trained and can go on training pads.

He is crate-trained and will go into the crate in the evening for bedtime and it keeps him calm.

Scooby is good on the leash and enjoys going for walks, but he does like to try and chase birds and squirrels.

He could be an escape artist so would need good a fenced yard. We recommend he not be left outside unattended.

It may help if an adopter has experience with very small dogs.

The ideal home for Scooby Doo is a dedicated, laidback adult family who would have the time and patience for this adorable little guy that deserves a family of his own.

He will make such a wonderful companion.

If you are interested in meeting this dog, please fill out an application.

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Adoption costs: $650.00