Teddy Bear

Adoption in Progress


Age: 2
Sex: Neutered
Estimated breed: Russian terrier x Chihuahua
Weight: 6 pounds
Good with dogs: Yes, with proper introductions
Good with cats: Yes, with proper introductions
Good with children: Unknown, but very friendly with anyone that he’s met so likely good with children with proper introductions
Energy level: Medium
Special or medical needs: None
Minimum adoption: $650
Current location: Calgary, Alberta

Teddy bear came from California towards the end of August. He was surrendered by his previous owner with several other dogs.

Teddy Bear needs a bit more training on his leash. He is very curious and likes to sniff when he is walking and can be erratic. He is a smart pup and will figure things out quickly.

He eats well and will wait to go to the bathroom on his walks. He does need to put on a little weight and he is being fed some extra food with his meals. He will go into his crate but he’s just getting used to it so he will make some noise while he is in there which stops after a brief period.

Teddy bear is cuddly and his favorite place is curled up on your lap. He is great during car rides and just generally likes to be with people and will bond quickly to his person. He gets the cutest zoomies and he loves to give kisses. He has a couple of toys that he likes to play with. Due to his tiny stature, a home with small children may not be ideal, and a detached home would be his perfect home.

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Adoption costs: $650.00