Male, 1 year, mixed breed

Neil is a really good boy who loves attention and loves to cuddle. He is extremely smart and learns really fast. He only had one accident in the house since I have had him, and I think that is saying a lot for a puppy coming from his background! He is a real sweetheart.

He is good with cats although he is not really sure what they are but seems to leave them be and mind his business for the most part except for when food is around.

He is really food driven and I think that is a result of being deprived in his previous life. He wants to eat everyone's food when it is out and gets really distracted by it which I think can be worked out easily with time and patience. Same thing goes for my dog's food... he wants to eat it all! He has shown some signs of aggressiveness towards food with regard to my dog but never towards me. I have spent time making sure you can touch him while he eats and take away treats etc. with no issues. The food aggression is something that I believe will go away with training and practice and is not a major issue at this time. He just needs to learn that food will be there daily when he needs it and does not need to worry. I think this is the only issue with having another dog around with regard to how they would get along.

That being said, otherwise he gets along great with my dog and relies a lot on her to help with his nervousness and how easily he gets scared with loud noises etc. I think Neil spent a lot of time caged up or stuck in a house and being outside is newer to him when going out on regular walks. Given this background, he is good on a leash, does not pull but gets spooked easily. He is a fairly quiet dog and only seems to bark when my dog is being a bad example, but I think if left alone would bark at unfamiliar sounds outside of his yard and home as dogs have that protective nature. At this time, he does not go to the bathroom on a leash which I think is because he is too nervous right now and will only get better. Since I have had Neil, in one week his accomplishments have been really amazing.

He is good with kids although hesitant of them at first. I have a nephew who is always on the go (2.5 years old) and Neil was a little nervous of him initially but a few minutes into it they were buddies and chasing each other around playfully.

Neil will get into a car without worry but does like to jump around from window to window to see what is going on which is not an issue for me in my truck but might require some training if he goes to someone with a car.

He truly is an amazing little guy and whoever might adopt him is a very lucky family.

Neil is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00