Johnny Cash (Mr. Boxer)

Available for Adoption


Estimate Age: 1 years old
Sex: Male (BARCs will cover his neuter surgery when he is old enough)
Estimated Breed: Boxer Mix
Good with dogs? Yes, may have too much energy for a senior dog
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Unknown, but likely yes with older children
Special/Medical Needs: Separation Anxiety
Estimated Energy Level: Medium to High
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650
Current Location: Edmonton, AB

Updated bio:
I’m still waiting for my furever home, so I have been working super hard on being the best behaved boy I can be. I still don’t like being crated when my foster mom leaves the house, but we have been working on leaving me out of the crate (with my foster sis) when she’s gone, and she says I have been the most behaved gentleman ever. I don’t chew on anything or go adventuring at all - my foster mom says I am such a good boy because everything is exactly where she left it. We started with just 30mins but have already worked up to 4hrs alone in just a couple weeks! I think it helps having my foster sister around to help me with my confidence when my foster mom isn’t home. I don’t mind being in a crate when everyone is home - I like going into the kennel that is in my foster mom’s room to nap (or to escape from my foster sister when I’m tired if it’s past my bedtime and she still wants to play). I sleep on the bed with my foster mom at night, and when she’s not there I like to lie in her spot on all the pillows - they are the comfiest. I love pillows. But I still love cuddles even more. Morning snuggles are my absolute favorite, and my foster mom calls me a "little space heater", which is apparently a good thing since it has been so cold lately. I love playing outside in the snow and racing around the yard with my foster sister (except for when it’s really cold), and so far playing tug is my favorite game. My foster mom has tried playing "catch" with me by gently lobbing a ball up in the air towards me, but it’s like it disappears when she does this, and then the ball bonks me on the head out of nowhere! We have been working on it, but she says that maybe playing "catch" is just not my game since I seem to have no mouth-eye coordination. I’ve also picked up from my foster sister how to "show you" if I need to go outside to do my business by walking from you to the door and then back to you. And I always sit very politely when I want to come back in. I am the most handsome gentleman, and I can’t wait to give you all my snuggles.

Hi, I’m Johnny! I’m the biggest mama’s boy and my favorite thing is to give you big hugs and lots of cuddles. My foster mom says that I’m the cutest sweetheart ever with my big smile and my even cuter underbite. She also says I can make a face like Grumpy Cat, and that I could rock the nickname Grumpy Dog, but I don’t know what that’s about, because I am the farthest thing from a grumpy boy. I am the best boy.

My foster sister is helping me learn how to be more confident, and we love to play all the time. We love to wrestle and play chase in the yard, and playing tug seems pretty fun too! I would love to have another dog to play with in my furever home, but if I’m the only dog, that’s okay too, because that means I can give alllll my lovin’ to my humans and get all their attention. My foster sister is younger pup like me, and we get along great, but I may be a bit overwhelming and too energetic for a senior dog. I also haven’t shown any sort of aggression or needing to be dominant/the alpha doggo when I’m playing around. Because of where I grew up, I’m still learning what is or what isn’t a toy - most of my foster sister’s toys have been previously eviscerated (by her), so sometimes blankets or socks look just like her toys. I catch on quickly when my foster mom tells me I can’t play with the blankets. Sometimes I get a little over-excited when I’m playing, and forget that it’s not polite to jump up (I just want to show you how much fun I’m having and give you a hug!) My foster mom has been teaching me to be a polite, good-mannered boy, but just in case I would probably do better in a home without smaller children. Older kids I would probably be okay with though. I haven’t been around any cats, so I’m not too sure how I would react around them. I’m also housetrained and know that I have to do my business outside. I have peed/marked a few times inside, but I’m learning pretty quickly that I can’t do that in the house.

I’m pretty good on a leash so far, I don’t really pull, and my main focus is on my foster mom. Sometimes she says it’s like we’re on a merry-go-round and that people like to keep their knees, so I am learning how to stay on one side/not walk in circles and to not zig-zag in front of you. I have lots of energy and once I get used to this leash thing, i would probably be a good running partner - as long as I don’t miss any of my naps. A handsome boy like me needs his beauty sleep.

Because I’m such a big mama’s boy, I always like to be able to see where my foster mom is. I’m pretty good in a crate if I can see her, but I do get a little anxious if I can’t see her or she leaves the house. My foster mom thinks this is probably because of where I grew up, and that I get scared I’m being left behind. Because of this, I’ll need to be crated in a strong wire crate (I’ve figured out how to open the door on regular kennels so that I can escape). When I escaped at my foster home, I wasn’t destructive after I sprung myself free. I marked on a couple things, but mainly pulled out some clothes from the closet and blankets to show to my foster mom when she came home. I do sleep in a kennel in my foster mom’s room at night, and I’m okay with that because I can see her. I would love to sleep curled up with you in the bed though; my foster mom says I just have to sleep in the kennel until I can be trusted a little more not to mark in the house. I do make a little noise when I’m left alone because I paw at the gate and whine a little, so apartment life may not be the best fit for me. I don’t bark when I’m trying to get out of the kennel, and my foster mom checked with the neighbors (since we are in something called a townhouse) and they said they’ve never heard me when I’ve been left alone in the house. My foster mom thinks that once I learn that I’m not going to be left behind or forgotten about, that I’ll be a lot better if you have to go somewhere without me. I have been slowly getting better at not worrying and whining if my foster mom goes upstairs (and I can’t follow her), so I might be a little less anxious being left out of my crate if you aren’t there with me (once I learn what is or isn’t a toy and that I’m not going to go adventuring in the house while you’re out).

I really am the sweetest boy though. I give the best hugs and just have so much love to share with you! I can’t wait to meet you and find my furever home!

This young guy comes from a neglect situation in Smokey Lake. The Humane Society was involved and was forcing the removal of several dogs from the home. He was at risk of euthanasia if a home could not be found immediately, but we were able to find a foster home for him.

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Adoption costs: $650.00