Male, 1 year, mixed breed

Hi my name is Stark. I settled in easily to my new foster home. I love to cuddle, get belly rubs, give kisses & just be with you! I am calm, cute, gentle & charming with my big brown eyes!

I can be a nervous with new people but I warm up quickly if my foster mom is beside me. I am good with older kids but younger ones scare me a bit cause they are loud & move faster. I would do better in a home with kids 8 & up. When I am really excited I jump up so I will still need some more training to calm me cause I can jump high.

I am still adapting to all the new things & noises in the house. When I am scared or unsure I go to my bed & then I feel safe. When my foster mom takes out tin foil or a garbage bag I exit out of kitchen to my bed!

I know the word “No” so if I am doing something wrong I stop when you say that word. I lay under the kitchen table when you are eating or my bed when I am told to lie down.

I do not like to go in my kennel but once I am in I settle immediately & sleep. I do not go to the door on my own yet, I had 2 accidents but now we fixed that problem I have been good. My foster mom takes me out & I always do my business. I get scared in yard by myself so you will have to go out with me. I will need to have help gaining my confidence in the yard by myself. My foster mom works so I am good in kennel for 6-8 hours.

I have shown no aggression to people, food or other dogs. I have greeted other dogs on leash & no problems. I like to walk but many things scare me so I need encouragement frequently that everything is fine. I occasionally bark at noises.

If you adopt me I will be the best dog giving you kisses, joy, laughter & love.

Stark is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00