Estimated Age: 10 years
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Jack Russel Mix
Weight: Currently 35 Pounds (overweight)
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Children: Yes
Good with cats: not tested, probably Yes
Good in the car: Yes
Estimated Energy Level: Low
Can be left alone: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
On Leash: Great, likes long walks
Food: Grazing
Special/Medical Needs: None
Current Location: Calgary
Minimum Adoption Fee: $375

Wimbledon has been with us less than a week. He is a sweet old man, easy going and well adjusted. He loves sleeping, but also really enjoys long walks. He always walks on the right side of the person, no pulling and no dragging. The cold does not seem to bother him. For entertainment he spends time chewing on a bone. Fetch is not anything he is interested in (yet).

We realized the first day that he used to live inside a home. He knew exactly where to find his favorite places: the couch and the bed. We do not allow dogs on our furniture, so at our home his favorite places are on a blanket by our feet (whether we are currently sitting there or not). He does not follow us around everywhere. When we leave, to another floor or on errands, we have not noticed any separation anxiety. He waits patiently for our return.

Wimbledon gets along with other dogs, but he rarely interacts with them. On walks he has only reacted once to another dog. We were warned that there might be resource guarding, but we have not noticed any. Wimbledon differentiates noises on the street from noises by the front door. He alerts us when we get a delivery but there is no excessive barking. His bark is quite low for his size.

I am a little baffled how he became overweight. He does not wolf down his food, mostly grazes, and he loves to go on long walks too. Of course, being a rescue, we do not know his previous life.
Wimbledon is a very sweet dog and looking for a retirement home. He will be content wherever he ends up.

Wimbledon came from a high-kill shelter in Bakersfield California.
This poor guy is overweight but is the perfect couch potato. He is calm and very sweet. When he came into the shelter, he was quite fearful, but he's starting to come out of his shell.

Adoption costs: $375.00