Available for Adoption


Age: 3-4 yrs old
Weight: 50lbs
Good with dogs?: Although Dulce gets along great with her foster’s doberman, she is dog selective and currently attending some training to work on her reactivity towards other dogs while on walks. She will require an adopter who is willing to continue with her training and slow introduction to any future fur sibling
Good with cats?: Unknown but based on interaction at fence line with neighbour’s cat, would say no.
Good with children?: Yes. Have been introduced to kids ages 3 yrs old to 13 yrs old. Was very calm around them all and just wanted pets from them and to sit in their laps.
Energy level: Low to Medium
Current Location: Edmonton, AB
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650

How to describe Dulce:
- Happy go lucky girl with beautiful expressive hazel eyes, squishy face, and the wiggliest butt who just wants to be right next to her people no matter what you are doing. She really does think she is a lap dog and will try to wiggle her way onto your lap.
- Loves attention from everyone who comes to visit and because she is so excited for pets, sometimes jumps up but is easily corrected not to. Does not ‘make strange’ with anyone as she wants attention from everyone. Have rarely heard her bark.
- Knows how to Sit, Down, Wait (but does get exited to get back next to you so still working on holding the Wait for a longer period of time); working on Shake. Even though she loves her food and treats, if asked, she will Leave It, maintains eye contact with you, and wait for you to give her the ok to eat.
- Dulce is super tolerant of being man-handled. Will allow you to thoroughly clean her ears and Dremel/file her nails (I do not use clippers).
- Unfortunately, she did not enjoy her crate/crate training and because she had her puppies 4 days after I got her, we could not resume crate training. She sleeps in my bed at night but I’m sure she would be fine sleeping in her own bed in your room with you. She has free reign of the home while we are home and when we are not, she and the house Doberman have free reign of the main and upper levels of the home with exception the bed rooms. She’s been left unsupervised in the home with the Doberman, for max.8hr but typically only about 2-3hrs.
- Is potty trained and will go outside 99% of the time however she does not indicate when she wants/needs to go so we just let her out regularly (4-5x a day).
- Although she has access to raw bones and chew toys, she has a tendency to chew on and eat things she shouldn’t. Furniture and shoes have been safe but highly suggest not leaving clothing, socks, undies, or towels laying around.
- She can be a couch potato, but loves to run around in the yard, especially if you run around with her. Because she is a ‘solid’ girl, when she plays, she can get a bit rough due to her excitement but again, easily calmed down/corrected.
- Loves to go on walks and is great on a leash.
Whoever is the lucky adopter will surely fall in love with her quickly!

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Adoption costs: $650.00