ID # A135921
Age: 3-4 yrs old
Estimated Age: 3yrs old
Sex: Female (spayed)
Breed: Pit Bull mix
Weight: 60 lbs.
Good with Dogs: She is dog selective. Will require a slow introduction to any future fur sibling (needs to have good temperament and generally calm). Dulce does great in her foster’s home with their Doberman and one of Dulce’s puppies that they adopted, but it took almost 2wks for Dulce to be okay with the Doberman keeping in mind that she was pregnant, then had her puppies during this intro time. Dulce has also attended training sessions for her reactivity towards other dogs during walks. She will require an adopter who is willing to continue with her training.
Good with Cats: No
Good with Children: Yes. She has interacted with kids 3yrs and up. Is excited when visitors come but calms down after the initial pets and you ignore/do not give into her excitement. Because of this, smaller kids will need to watch out for the wagging tail and potential body checks as she tries to cozy up for pets.
Special/Medical Needs: None
Energy Level: Low-Medium. Loves a good walk and run in the fields, tethered, but spends most of her time relaxing on the couch with short bursts of playtime in the yard or house with the foster’s dogs.
Current Location: Edmonton, AB
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650

She is a very friendly dog who is family orientated as soon as shes settled in. She loves cuddles, she respects you if you're eating and she also enjoys her walks. We've been working on sitting nicely before the leash goes on. Once you get outside she is good on a leash but her sense of smell is impeccable to other animals.
Dulce cannot be around small animals of any kind at this moment as her prey drive appears to be very high. Kids, adults and medium sized dogs have seemed great but smaller dogs fall into her prey drive obsession. She is very eager to learn and please, and she just needs that dedication. When leaving the house i found her to be better off in my closed Off living room rather then a crate. Dulce loves being active but also enjoys just relaxing with everyone else. She has an abundance of love and cuddles to give everyone. I should mention that she looks huge in pictures but is actually short in stature!! So don't let that scare you off.

How to describe Dulce:
• Happy go lucky girl with beautiful, expressive hazel eyes, squishy face, and the wiggliest butt who just wants to be right next to her people no matter what you are doing. She really does think she is a lap dog and given the opportunity, will wiggle her way onto your lap for pets.
• Loves attention from everyone who comes to visit and she is excited for pets, sometimes jumps up but is easily corrected not to. Does not make strange with anyone as she wants attention from everyone.
• Knows how to Sit, Down, Wait, Shake. Although she loves her food and treats, if asked, she will Leave It and maintain eye contact with you until you give her the Okay to eat it. Really smart girl and working on Roll Over and Speak.
• Super tolerant of being man-handled. Will allow her ears to be thoroughly cleaned, nails filed/Dremmelled, and have been able to scrape some tartar off her teeth.
• Is fully house trained, and will hold it until you let her out, min.3 times per day. The couple times that she really needed to go in the middle of the night, she jumped off the bed, was restless on the floor and whined to signal that she needed to go ‘now’. She sleeps in the human bed but is fine sleeping in her dog bed if asked.
• Is not crate trained due to delivering her puppies 4 days after being with her foster. She is fully trusted to roam freely in her foster’s home. Typically not left longer than 3-4hrs but has done completely fine free roaming 9hrs on several occasions.
• Will play with chew and stuffed toys, and play tug with the foster’s dogs, but no real favorites. Must supervise when playing with stuffed toys as she has a tendency to eat the fabric therefore also a good idea to avoid leaving socks, dish towels, bras, underwear, etc laying around.
• Loves enrichment treat toys: chew toys stuffed with peanut butter and/or treats; raw beef knuckle bones to chew on while laying on the sunny deck; lick bowls frozen with fruits, peanut butter, and plain Greek yogurt…just to name a few.
• Loves car rides, sits perfectly in the back seat while watching the world go by.
• Loves walks, but due to her current reactivity towards other dogs, she is walked in open fields on a 10ft tether so she can explore and run without being distracted by any triggers. Working on recall and redirection training in the fields and does great with this method. Does get walked in the neighborhood as well to work on her redirection training, but tends to pull more on the shorter leash used for neighborhood walks. We are working on this as well.

Whoever decides to adopt Dulce will be paid back many folds in the love and joy she will provide you.

Adoption costs: $650.00