Age: 1 Years old
Sex: Female (BARC’s will cover her spay surgery)
Estimated Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Weight: 27 lbs.
Good with dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Yes, she has recently met younger children and did very well interacting with them
Special/Medical Needs:
Energy Level: Medium-High
Minimum Adoption Fee: $650
Current Location: Calgary, AB

Hello! My name is Phoebe! My foster mom didn’t rename me because she happens to love the TV show Friends! If she was to rename, she would probably choose Elsa because for a California girl, the cold never bothered me anyway!
There is not much history on me but so far, my foster mom can tell that I still have puppy energy, enjoy being active but also love chilling out beside you with my toys! While I don’t love the initial start of my time in the crate, I settle quite well and am currently sleeping in the crate at night and go in the crate during the day when my foster mom who works from home heads out for appointments.
While taking advantage of private off-leash parks, I showed my foster mom how I love to fetch!! I am very willing to learn and can pick up things quite easily like agility obstacles. The treats were a bonus!! My recall is surprisingly good even when I am distracted playing with other dogs.
Speaking of treats! I am very food motivated! This is good for training and pulling my attention on walks but my desire for human food is strong, so my foster mom is working on that with me. I know sit and come, but need work on down, stay, etc.
Other things that are important to know about me:
I LOVE CHEWING!!! - my foster mom has provided me with some good strong toys and bones, antler and I love them!! So far I have only chewed things that have been provided for that purpose. I have not chewed any items I am not supposed to!
House Trained: Since my arrival I only had one accident in the house! I will definitely take an extra pee break after play sessions. I like to stay very close by, so you will know if I wander away it’s for a reason!

Walks: I love walks, there is so much to see and smell, SQUIRREL! I am getting better with my no pull harness but I am strong, a little stubborn but eager to please so we are working on it!

I would do a well in a home where the owners are active. A backyard is not required but would be beneficial! I would do well with a dog friend or lots of toys.

If you are interested in meeting this dog, please fill out an application.