Male, 3 years, schnauzer X, 20 lbs

Henry is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever seen. He is very charming, calm, gentle, hypoallergenic, and never barks to outside noise when he is in the house so far. He is laid back in the house and he hasn’t played with toys but he really loves his walks! Even though he is from Texas, He gets super excited whenever he goes for a walk even in the snow and very curious about the outside world sniffing quite a bit. Henry seems okay with small dogs during his walk but when he sees a bigger dog, he reacts and tries to bark. He is okay on leash. He is good with people but he does not like people shovelling on the street. I think it is something with the shovel. Henry seems good with kids whom he meets during the walk. He rarely barks and if he does, it is usually when he sees other dogs on the street.

He is crate trained but he cries a bit in the beginning when he goes in so additional training is needed. Henry also requires more housetraining as he does business in the house from time to time. Henry gets very scared/nervous in the vehicle (he keeps standing and tries to move around so very unstable) and he does not like walking under the bridge when the vehicles are moving as he is sensitive to the loud noise. Henry will be a good family dog and he will be suitable for a household who can spend lots of time with him as he seems a bit nervous when he is left alone. It would take time for him to settle and he seems scared to try new things such as doing stairs, but once he gets used to it, he will be confident moving around the house and opening up himself. Henry is not tested with cats but as per the previous foster, he does not like cats. Henry will be good with an owner who can be patient with him and provide him more training for socializing with dogs and getting less fearful. Henry is currently on antibiotics to treat a tick fever.

Henry is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00