Female, 3 years, Lhasa Apso X, 15 lbs

Celine (answers to the name Mabel) is a sweet and loving dog. She doesn't shed, rarely barks, and is so calm and chill. She flips over onto her back about 400 times a day for a belly rub and loves all humans, young or old. Some dogs she likes, others she seems scared of and will snap at. Untested with cats. Mabel loves going for walks, will stay right beside you, but prefers to wear little boots and a sweater as this is a California girl at heart. She is amazing in the car, watching out the window for a little while and then lays down. Mabel would do well in a home that isn't too busy and where she won't be left alone a lot. She loves attention and gets ticked off when left alone (and may get into mischief to teach you a lesson)! She is housetrained, but has had the odd accident here and there. Whoever adopts this angel is so, so lucky.

Celine is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00