Name: Sasha
ID# RT20221203-1I
Estimated Date of Birth: September 6, 2022
Weight: approx. 60 lbs. at ten months
Sex: Female - spay surgery will be covered by BARCs
Born in Manitoba - part of a litter of nine pups from a Bull Dog/APBT mix mom and a Husky dad
Good with Kids: Yes. Was fostered until 8 months old in a family with two toddlers (age 3 & 5 years) - she was very gentle and kind. Sasha would likely be better off with older kids or no kids as while she’s always been gentle with humans she has some resource guarding tendencies which could be unpredictable with small kids.
Good with dogs: Yes with appropriate introductions - would love a similar sized playful dog but would do very well as an only dog - has some resource guarding tendencies with other dogs over high value items.
Good with cats: Yes - with appropriate introductions - lived with a senior cat for her first 8 months and was respectful most times.
Activity Level - Medium, no zoomies

Seeking My Forever Family - please say it’s yours! ♥️

My name is Sasha but my foster folks also call me Sasha Roo (I have back legs similar to a kangaroo apparently), Good Girl, Beautiful Girl, and Big Girl (as I’m twice the size and weight of my current furry foster siblings).

This is me:
o I am a super soft, minimal shedding, extremely happy and gentle young lady with huge potential and tonnes of love and big sloppy kisses to give.
o I am calm most of the time when I’m not acting like a silly girl rolling on my back and thrashing around in my dog bed while “husky talking” and kicking my back kangaroo legs.
o I ♥️ being with my family - human and furry members - I would love to sleep with you if you let me but am also fully crate trained. I have been an angel in the house if left alone to roam free. I want to go with you when you leave but will wait by the door for your return without much fuss.
o I ♥️ playing! My favs are squeaky toys, disemboweling said squeaky toys, tug, fetch, chase me, chewing sticks and making growly noises while thrashing around on blankets and beds and being silly. I sometime don’t realize how big and strong I am so might jump up and knock over a small child - sorry in advance! I’m still a pup and am learning not to jump. I love to give my loved ones a little nibble on the hand or ear to show you I love you.
o I am a bit of a talker at times, especially in the mornings - I rarely yawn without saying good morning - but am quite quiet the rest of the day - unless someone is at the front door. I will bark to alert you but am wagging my tail so the visitor knows I’m friendly.
o I have been told I’m a smart girl and have been in some formal training to learn appropriate manners around other dogs as apparently they don’t all want to play. I can sit, lay down, shake and come. I go to bed in my crate when asked. I know leave it and off (most of the time) and I’m not a counter surfer. I patiently wait for my turn for food and treats. And I don’t mind having my nails trimmed.
o I ♥️ spending time outdoors - my current foster family has a dog door and I come and go at my leisure to sniff around, lay on the deck, investigate the “news“ in the yard and do my business.
o I ♥️ walks and get a little too excited at times. My husky instinct is to pull since I’m so curious and I want to investigate everything and everyone! My trainer and foster folks have been trying to redirect me back to them - I’m trying my best and I do love treats…..I’ll keep trying.
o I am great on car rides - I jump in and out, sit or lay down, am quiet and have never gotten sick. Car ride walks somewhere new are the best!

I know my current foster parents love me to pieces and are torn whether to adopt me themselves or continue to look for my forever home - they logically know that three dogs is a lot especially when the two resident dogs are seniors trying to tolerate a playful pooch - and if my forever family could offer me the gift of small humans to love and grow old with, they know it’ll be the right decision to let me go. Even if it breaks their hearts.

While I am gentle with the two-leggeds, I can sometimes play rough with the furry four-leggeds as I don’t quite know my own strength at times. I try to share my toys and dangle them in front of any takers for a good game of tug. I also try to snuggle and sleep with my furry foster siblings but they don’t let me. I can guard my space sometimes and have snapped a few times at the four-leggeds. But never at the two-leggeds. I also need slow introductions to new dogs as I can come on quite strong at times but most times we become fast friends!

Adoption costs: $725.00