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ID# RT20221203-1I
Estimated Date of Birth: September 6, 2022
Weight: Approx 58 lbs at eight months old - hasn’t grown much in the last month or more
Sex: Female (Her spay surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Born in Manitoba - part of a litter of eight pups from a likely Bull Dog/APBT/Other mix mom and likely a Husky mix dad - rescued from the cold and snow by an amazing human
Good with Kids: The BEST! Spent her first 5+ months growing up and loving two toddlers - she was very gentle and kind. If we hear a child cry by our house Sasha wants to go to the crying child whereas our dogs run away.
Good with dogs: Yes - friendly and curious and responds well to corrections by adult dogs - she is not dominant and loves to play. Can play a little rough at times only because she doesn’t quite realize how strong and big she is.
Good with cats: Yes - lived with a senior cat for 5+ months and was very respectful
Location: Calgary, AB
Adoption fee: $725

Star Sign: Virgo
Per Virgo dogs are one of the better-behaved signs of the dog stars. And for companionship there is no better sign. They are intelligent, full of energy, and even-tempered. They pride themselves on their cleanliness, groom themselves frequently and are rarely in a bad mood.

Sasha became our fourth foster dog in May 2023 at the age of eight months. After fostering and finding adoptive homes for three rambunctious puppies over an 11 week period just prior to Sasha, (all of whom needed basic training, leash training, crate training, potty training and anti-mouthy training) we have been amazed at how smart, kind, good and gentle this big silly ham is!


S - Smart. Sasha knows her stuff and loves to please! She can sit, lay down, shake, come and stay. She will mostly leave it, take it, and touch. She knows down, up, and go to bed. She figured out our dog door the second day we had her after watching our other dogs.

P - People, pets and play are her favourite things. Sasha loves her humans and graciously showers her people with affection (and tongue baths). She loves playing with squeaky balls and toys and often just throws them around for herself for long periods of time.

E - Energetic, yet calm and relaxed. Sasha will keep up with an active family or couple or single owner and will also be happy with shorter walks and play sessions and relaxing on the couch. Ultimately since she’s still a pup and is big and strong she sometimes doesn’t know her own strength. Her mix of breed combinations seems to level out extreme behaviours. She is a little vocal in the mornings and awfully sweet with her grunts and noisy yawns of excitement to see you! Sasha loves to tug, play fetch and chew sticks.

C - Crate Trained. Sasha is great in a crate! She loves her large wire crate and relaxes and sleeps it in. Often the door just stays open and when it’s closed she doesn’t make a peep sometimes for hours at a time. She is part husky and can verbalize her disappointment in being locked up at times but quiets reasonably fast.

T - Tremendous Temperament. Sasha is a mostly calm house guest who is quiet and respectful. She can be kept entertained with a bone or stick or activity puzzle and will chose that over being naughty almost always. She does not complain about getting her nails clipped assuming she’s sleepy or busy with a bone or stick. She’s fine in a bath and you can take things out of her mouth if necessary.

A - Accident free in the house but is still learning to communicate the need to go out - so needs some consistency and patience. She is old enough to hold it overnight for eight hours and doesn’t need a mid-sleep bathroom break. She will whimper if she needs to go or it’s been longer and she thinks it’s time to get up.

C - Car rides are so fun! Sasha travels like a dream in the car, whether it be in a crate or free in the back seat. She loves to go on adventures and loves walks!

U - Unique looking. Sasha is not your average, everyday beauty. Pictures do not do this lovely girl justice - she is a real beauty who will captivate you with her good looks, quirky antics and unbelievably soft fur. She barely sheds at all on a daily basis but will a lot for a few days during shedding season. Her smile is infectious and her large tongue has a mind of its own and will fall out the sides of her mouth when she pants like a goofball.

L - Learning loose leash walking. As a husky/shepherd mix (we think) Sasha is strong and will pull to get places especially when using a top hook harness. Using a front hook harness changes her walking style to a much more manageable one. We will continue to work on her leash manners. We took her to the park on a 50’ leash and she learned quickly to not run too far and come back fairly quickly after being called and even still plays a little fetch when others are in the park.

A - Affectionate. Did I mention this young lady loves snuggles? She will climb into you lap to be with you. She will flip over on her back for belly rubs. She will lay with you on the couch if you let her. Sasha loves to be petted. She does want to climb on you and is a big girl (and still can be a little clumsy) so we don’t encourage it but sometimes we allow it for a Sasha hug.

R - Respectful of people, pets and (most) property. Sasha loves to please and rarely causes any raucous or trouble. She is curious though and wants to see if it’s a toy so will occasionally pick up rocks and pine cones but has not destroyed shrubs or eaten any mulch.

S - Sweet as pie made with double the sugar. Sasha consoled her former human foster siblings when they were sad or mad and continues to be an empathetic dog with us.

A - Adaptable. It’s not always easy transitioning between foster homes and Sasha has adapted like a champ. She lived with toddlers and a cat in her former foster home and now lives with two adult, sometimes grouchy, Shiba Inus and has taken it all in stride. Sasha is a very happy girl and lets you know it with full body wiggles and kisses.

S - Sleeps through the night. Not many peeps from this princess overnight. She happily sleeps in her crate or would likely love to sleep with her person/people. If she’s not quite ready to go to bed she will tell you that in a husky special way. She also loves sleeping upside down!

H - Happy-Go-Lucky - Sasha is such an easy going, happy dog. She loves her people, loves to play with other dogs. loves her toys, loves to eat and sleep, be indoors or outdoors, and loves to explore.

A - Alert and curious. Sasha watches and listens with intent. Her ears perk up and adorably touch on top of her head when she is on the trail of something or someone fun or cool or new or interesting. She loves to be on the back of the couch or chair looking out the window and spends quite a bit of time just watching the world go by.

Sasha has already outgrown almost all of the challenging puppy behaviours and is a phenomenal dog with the brightest of futures. She’s smart, sweet, kind, gentle and oh so beautiful. She would do amazing in a family with dog-smart children and will be everyone’s best friend. Click below to meet Sasha and add this precious lady to your family.

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Adoption costs: $725.00