Adoption in Progress


Female, age unknown, Jack Russell terrier X

Gidse loves people she knows & seeks attention especially for belly rubs. She loves to snuggle. She is a true Jack Russell likes to be under a blanket all snuggled in.

She is hand shy but once she feels your touch & a rub she relaxes. She will need patience to gain trust in people. This behaviour is getting better every day since she came. She barks with new people but settles quickly once they sit down & then she greets.

She has been introduced to a small dog on leash & was good. She was living with another dog before coming from California. At the fence she does bark at dogs & appears a little aggressive but if you say no she backs off but this is typical Jack Russell behaviour behind a fence!

She will need routine & consistency with potty training. She may pee in a new environment at the beginning because she is scared. We had few accidents but now she is good. We had to carry her outside but now she follows you out. She is very treat motivated.

She is great in the kennel. She may give a bark or a few whines at first but settles after that. She is able to last 6 hours with no issues. She is good on leash but likes short walks due to the cold.

Gidse’s favourite thing to do is hang out, enjoy her people & nap on the couch. She is calm and quiet when hanging out in the house. She dances when you say the word treat. She sits for a treat & is very gentle when she takes it. No food aggression. Her tail is always wagging when she wants your attention! She also loves lying in front of the fireplace on her bed!

Are you Gidse’s forever home? She will give you kisses galore, love you forever & bring you great joy!

Gidse is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00