Foster Hold


ID #: RT20230101-1D
Estimated Age: DOB = December 30, 2022
Sex: Male (His neuter surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: Hound mix
Weight: Unknown
Good with dogs?: Good with mom and siblings, unsure about other dogs yet
Good with cats?: Unknown, but likely
Good with children?: Yes
Special/Medical Needs:
Energy Level: Medium- High
Current Location: BARCS Airdrie Facility
Minimum adoption fee: $725

Doughnut is the little brother of the bunch. He is the last to fall asleep because he likes to walk on everyone just to make sure they are all sleeping, and he isn't going to miss out on anything. He is a sweet boy and loves to play with all the toys. If he can't find a toy, he will settle for a brother's ear. He is good at using pee pads and sleeps through out the night.

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Adoption costs: $725.00