Name: Gabby
ID#: RT20230202 - 1
Estimated Age: Est. 2 Years old
Sex: Female (Spay surgery scheduled for June 7)
Estimated Breed: German Shepard Mix
Weight: 60 lbs.
Good with dogs: Yes - has gotten along well with her two foster siblings, as well as multiple dogs that she has met on leash. Gabby has a very dominant and rough play style, and would do best with another dog of similar size and play style (not too submissive).
Good with cats: Maybe with a very dog-savvy cat - Gabby currently lives in the same house as a cat however is kept mostly separated. She will sit calmly beside the cat however would be likely to chase. She also shows high prey drive with rabbits, neighbourhood cats, squirrels etc.
Leash walking: Has been doing very well learning to walk on a loose leash. She will still pull when anxious but overall coming along well. Gabby does have some leash reactivity to other dogs (mostly other reactive dogs). We are working on this behaviour but will likely need continued training.
Good with children: Yes. She can be a little mouthy when she is playing however overall has a gentle nature.
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Airdrie, AB
Adoption fee: $650

Gabby is a young gorgeous Shepherd X with beautiful wolf-like eyes. Gabby is a very sweet and gentle natured dog, who loves the company of humans as well as other dogs. Gabby is turning into a goofy girl with tons of personality as she has settled in. She is very playful and loves to rough house with her foster siblings - she has quite a dominant play style and therefore would best be suited to another dog with a similar energy. When Gabby first came home from the shelter, she showed quite high anxiety with new situations. As she has settled in to her routine, these behaviours have already began to decrease significantly and I expect they will only get better with time and consistency. Gabby has been learning to loose leash walk and has been making great improvements. She does show some herding behaviour towards cars, which is slowly improving as well. Gabby does have some leash reactivity towards other dogs, mostly other reactive dogs. We are continuing to work on this behaviour and have seen some slow improvements, but will require continued training and confidence building.

Gabby is fully house trained and has had no accidents in the house. She has free range of the house during the day, and has shown no destructive behaviours. She does have some anxious behaviours when left alone, although this has improved tremendously over time.
Gabby is a very smart dog and would likely excel in any kind of activity that boosts her confidence (however I feel that she would be excellent at scent detection)
Gabby would make a great running or hiking partner. She does settle and like to lounge in the house, and her favourite activity is laying on the deck outside and watching passersby’s. Her potential adopter should be someone who expects to give her lots of patience and consistency, and she will be an extremely loyal companion. This dog has tons of potential and will be an amazing family member.

Gabby came into BARCS care in the middle of February from a partnering rescue in Manitoba where she had given birth to 8, 3-week-old puppies. She was under weight and needed lots of TLC of which she got plenty of while with BARCS and now at her foster home.

Adoption costs: $650.00