Male, 11 months, chihuahua X, 7 lbs

Pepito is almost a year old and weighs only 7 pounds. He doesn’t walk like a normal dog, he prances, very cute. He loves the outdoors, even though the weather is not the same as he was used to in California. He doesn’t want to come in after a walk; I have to carry him up the steps and into the house.

We have not heard Pepito bark yet. We have heard him whine, and howl, only on the first couple of days when we left the room for too long.

Pepito has come a long way in his first two weeks in Calgary.

At first he was terrified of the leash. Indoors we have him on a “string”. He now comes and easily lets me put on his sweater and his outdoor leash. I carried him most of the way on our first outing. Now he wants to walk with the pack (we have two older Papillons).

The first two days he soiled only at night, too scared around people during the day. He now uses the pee pad more and more.

At first he defended himself with his sharp teeth. He now quite often follows me around the house.

He recently has started growling at our dogs, especially our smaller one, but that isn’t entirely his fault. She has growled at him a few times, they haven’t gotten used to each other enough (She is very timid towards dogs). Living with a well-adjusted dog that he can learn from and play with would be beneficial.

It took several days for Pepito to start to trust me. He now eats out of my hand, cautiously. He loves sleeping in my lap, even watching the TV. I think he would be quite happy to sleep at my feet, if my dogs weren’t so scary to him. He is also very comfortable in a kennel.

Pepito needs a lot of patience. He cannot be hurried; being pulled by the leash terrifies him. I have to wait for him to come out of the kennel and then he follows me (sometimes slower, sometimes faster). If I am in a hurry (say we need to get across the street) I can pick him up and carry him.

Pepito is like a scared little puppy in an adult body (full size bladder and adult teeth are a real bonus). If you want a small dog that you can train and love, then Pepito might just be the dog for you.

Pepito will require some additional veterinary care (neuter) completed by BARC's Rescue. The adopter will need to schedule and attend the appointments on the BARC's Rescue account.

Pepito is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00