Female, 4 years, Siberian Husky, 53 lbs

Shakira (Kira) is an absolute sweetheart. She loves being around people and prefers to be where the action is. She has shown good manners around the kitchen, with no counter-surfing and is learning to just lie down when her family are eating. She has shown no signs of being destructive and whilst she can be restless after walks or food she is learning to settle down on a rug or blanket on the floor beside people. She still sleeps in her crate overnight and is quite happy once she's in. She occasionally sings a little when initially left but settles quickly. She sleeps great all night and apart from one accident inside has proved to be well housetrained. She has enjoyed a little car ride and has only barked in excitement about going for a walk.

Kira loves people! She would quite happily have her belly rubbed by anyone all day!! She's great with kids, our youngest is 6 and they both love cuddles together. She isn't particularly food interested, she prefers company when she eats and isn't overly motivated by treats. She will need to be taught how to enjoy toys, currently she has no idea what they are for! She loves to play though so I think once she understands toys, she'll happily play with them. She has some understanding of sit and down commands but has little recall though she is starting to respond to her name and come command.
She pulls quite a bit on leash but has improved with the use of a walking harness. She loves to walk though, and her leash work is improving. She would love a secure yard to explore safely. She is interested in other dogs we meet on walks but gets over excited with larger dogs and will need some work to learn how to behave around other animals.

Kira would be an awesome addition to an active family, she is a great companion and loves being around her people. This beautiful, loving girl is ready to meet her forever family.

Shakira is being fostered in Fernie, BC.`

Adoption costs: $495.00