Male, 11 months, Lab/Husky X, 62 lbs

Blue is such a sweet boy. He is smart and loves his cuddles. He melts into your lap when you give him some love. He has acclimatized very well with the weather, and likes eating the snow. He is a great runner and enjoys his zoomies outside. Fetch is a fun game, but doesn’t always play by the rules. Blue still needs leash work, but he doesn’t pull as much as he did. Would make a great skijoring or ice fishin partner!

He is house trained, but has had two accidents. He knows his job outside, but is too busy to let you know when he needs out. He does get nippy when excited, especially when he’s running around the yard, I can easily reach into his mouth to get an item he shouldn’t have with no problems. He is so gentle. No food aggression. He is very inquisitive and enjoys looking on coffee tables for snacks and chew toys, but no longer looks on countertops. Blue did not do stairs at first, at all, not even one. But he is learning and can do three now. The larger flights are still a mystery for him. He likes helping with house work, like folding blankets, moping, moving dog beds. And keep away is a new fun game.
Blue is not dog friendly at this time. I do believe with time and training this will change. He is dominant and aggressive on leash with our resident dog. He will walk side by side with our dog, but will lunge at him when giving the chance. He is also not happy when he sees other dogs on our walks. He will allow our dog around the kennel without any aggression, because of this, I think these traits will disappear with training, love and a routine.

He likes to jump, but again is doing better with this every day. He does great in his kennel, and with just a few kibbles thrown in, will quickly follow. He is sitting better on command, and is food motivated, will be very trainable. This blonde beauty is incredibly soft, and to top off how amazing he is, he has clear nails – a dogs owners dream!

Blue is being fostered in Cranbrook, BC.

Adoption costs: $495.00