ID#: RT20230202-1G
Estimated Date of Birth: January 24, 2023
Sex: Male (His neuter surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: Shepherd Mix - his mom Gabby (55 lbs.) had eight puppies in Manitoba - none of whom look much like her
Weight: 33.5 lbs. at around 14 weeks
Good with dogs: Yes, a little shy at first which is better than charging them, plays around my adults Shibas but hasn’t tried to puppy attack them yet, backs away if they growl. He likely would do well with dog siblings or as an only dog.
Good with cats: Unknown - he is fairly calm and approaches my dogs with caution so likely also would respect a cat
Good with children: Has not had much interaction yet, likely good with slow introductions, supervision and dog-smart children - he is a strong puppy so could topple a child easily but keeps his four paws on the ground most of the time
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium with bursts of manageable puppy energy
Current Location: Calgary, AB
Minimum adoption fee: $725

We’ve only had Cruz a few days as of writing this. Below is the best way we can describe him for the great young dog he’s turning into - it’s amazing he spent 14 weeks in the shelter and is already such a good boy! Meet HANDSOME CRUZ:

H- Has not drawn blood, or even got close, he tries to mouth a little but not too much.

A- At first can be shy but warms very quickly and will be the most loyal boy, likes to follow us around and let us go first before joining in.

N- No accidents in the house yet nor in his xpen area or crate. We have scheduled mid-sleep bathroom breaks after four to five hours but during training he held it for eight hours. We aren’t ready to try that all night yet.

D- Dopey and clumsy as an adolescent pup can be! His paws are large, and legs keep growing - he’s going to be a BIG lovable boy!

S- Sits so well for treats and pets and pays attention. Watches and listens while inside and outside. Is learning to lay down for treats.

O- Often expresses his displeasure with grunts and squeaks when first going into the crate or xpen area as he loves spending time with people vs being alone. He was with his siblings for 14 weeks so hadn’t been alone before. At night though when the lights go out, he doesn’t make a peep and sleeps like a champ.

M- Makes a bit of a mess with his food and water - he will pick up his water dish when it’s almost empty to tell me he needs more and will spill the rest, so we often don’t leave the water dish in his xpen area. He has big feet and when moving around will occasionally kick the food dish over and spill the kibble. We have started feeding him twice a day vs free feeding. He also drinks water sloppily and the floor ends up with the leftovers that run out of his mouth and jowls. He doesn’t drool yet but is definitely sloppy.

E- Excelling at dog training - the trainers were VERY impressed and thinks he is an amazing dog with a bright future. He sits and listens so well and doesn’t go insane pulling on a leash (and least not so far) - most times we are encouraging him to keep up.

C- Calm and cautious and rarely barks. Would prefer all strangers approach slowly and with treats - many of them please.

R- Runs like a bouncy lion! He is enjoying leash free runs and runs circles in the yard. His ears bounce in the wind and sometimes stay upright - we think they might end up being perky ears vs floppy in a few more weeks.

U- Unbelievably adorable and loves pets and rubs and will reach up and give wet kisses. He is bonding very quickly with us and would like his person, people or family to spend a lot of time with him. He likely would be okay being alone during the workday as long as he could spend some time in the morning and most of the evening with you being active and close.

Z- Zoomies! Loves to run around outside in the backyard offleash - tries and is clumsy in a house - needs space to run so a fenced yard is an absolute must. Does not seem too bothered by traffic noise in our yard but we haven’t walked much along the street yet.

Cruz is going to be a big dog and already has a heart of gold. He’s sweet, mostly calm, isn’t dominant, is cautious and listens well, and overall is super handsome and unique looking with his muted stripes and red, brown, tan and white fur and markings. His huge puppy dog eyes are a beautiful shade and the way he looks at you melts the heart.

Please grant Cruz’s wish and make him a forever part of your heart and home by clicking “Adopt Me” below to meet and fall in love with him.