Female, 3 years, chihuahua X, 13 lbs

Mocha is a shy, caring and cuddly dog, who truly loves female attention. She needs a house where she can get full human attention as she does not cope well being left alone for too long. She is okay with children, but she likes her space and might shut down if there is too much noise around her. We recommend older children for her. She has never shown any signs of aggression, however, she can be very fearful around adult males and might growl to them and hide in the corner. Her future home will need patience and dedication to help her overcome those fears.

Mocha is afraid of loud noises and needs humans to make her feel confident. Mocha is not a big fan of dog food but loves meats and treats. Sometimes, you have to stay with her while she eats to ensure she is having a full meal (she is a snack lover).

She sleeps in her kennel at night but needs you close by. She can be left alone (she has a big enclosed area where she stays) but no longer than 3-4 hours as she misses her human company. Mocha will follow you everywhere you go and her favorite place to nap is on your lap, with you on the couch and the bed (she is excellent at jumping). She has made a huge improvement with training, but consistency with routines is very important to establish a training pattern that she is familiar with. She has had a few accidents on the carpet, but if you take her out, she will do her business outside. Mocha walks great on the leash and short walks are enough for her as she prefers the house. She is an adorable dog with a quiet personality and that needs full attention and patience to work on her confidence around other adults.

Because of her fears, it is recommended that Mocha is the only pet in the house. She would do amazing with a senior female that treats her with tons of cuddles and love.

Mocha is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00