Available for Adoption


Name: Rambo
ID#: A4845737
Estimated Age: 4 Years old
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix (Pocket Pitty)
Weight: 31 lbs.
Height at shoulder: 14”
Good with dogs: Depends, with introduction
Good with cats: Unknown, likely not
Good with children: Yes, he is respectful older children recommended
Good in car: Yes
Barking: Not much
Kennel trained: Yes
House trained: Trainable
Needs a fenced yard: Ideally yes, unless he gets lots of walks
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Calgary
Adoption fee: $650

Rambo is a wiggly loving attention seeking boy looking for a home to give him lots of love. He follows us everywhere, gives us doggy kisses. Since we don’t allow dogs on furniture, he settles for laps, or he sleeps by our feet.

Rambo is a really good boy:
- Good manners: No stealing food or begging, no chewing on furniture or socks, not much jumping
- Respectful of people including children. Our seven-year-old granddaughter told him to get OFF the couch and he obeyed immediately, then promptly jumped into her lap.
- Easy to walk (or correct) on a leash (unless there is a dog close by)
- Kennel trained (but would prefer the couch or bed)
- Not much grooming, his fur is short and soft. Also, no slobbering and no wet dog smell.
- He loves eating apples, oranges, peanut butter, and probably much more; and he vacuums up his food from a puzzle feeder. Chew treats are gone in no time. His strong jaw crushes a small bone in a few minutes. He is not much interested in chew toys that don’t include eating it.

Needs more work:
- We have worked with Rambo on his dog-reactivity on walks and it is an ongoing process. Currently he gets excited when he sees dogs or bunnies
- When Rambo arrived, he was marking in the house. With training we have not had an “accident” in several days. He may revert in his next home.
- Rambo does not know many commands. We focus on LEAVE IT. Teaching him more will be a good bonding experience. He also needs and wants to learn doggy games. It will be fun because he is so smart.
- He can be whiny when he wants to come out of the kennel. We have been using this as a potty-training tool: You whine, we take you outside to The Spot.

Other miscellaneous information:
He sometimes snores.

True to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed he LOVES to be with people and is not so sure about dogs (or that is what we think anyways). Some dogs he wants to play with, and with some he is very reactive. We have not figured out yet if this is aggression, fear, or excitement. This shows up mostly at walks. Either way, the way to handle it is the same: Walk him on short leash and make him focus on you. Treats help a lot. He has become much better in the two weeks that we have had him at time of writing.

Rambo will need a firm leader, like all bully breeds. If you are looking for a protective, loyal, loving, and smart dog in a small package, Rambo might be the dog for you.

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Adoption costs: $650.00