Female, 6 years, chihuahua X, 11 lbs

Fay came into BARCS as a stray from the streets. She has obviously had a hard life. She cowers at loud noises and fast movement. She likes to poo inside on occasion. But honestly she is so good about everything that comes her way.

She has put up with the cats in my house and the puppy that keeps trying to tug at her ears. She is just so chill. She even licks at my pup very motherly like! Fay is super skinny and loves to eat. She has bad teeth so likes her kibble mixed with wet.

She also has a bad back leg that makes her walk funny and hobble at times. She has a vet appointment for Dec. 7th to have everything looked at including her poor skin/fur condition. She may have allergies and might do better on a raw diet going forward.

I have also been giving her glucosamine and eggs for her bad leg. Seems to make the cracking noise less.

Fay is looking for someone to love her. She gets excited when you come home. She just wants to be near you and to steal your body heat.

Fay is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00