Fay (Phoebe)



Age: 7 years
Sex: Spayed female
Estimated Breed: Chihuahua X
Weight: 11 lbs
Good with dogs?: No
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: No
Special/Medical Needs: Anxiety
Energy Level: Low

Adoption Fee: $600

Foster Home Location: Calgary

Phoebe is an absolute sweetheart and bonafide people-dog. She's got some nervous energy to her and spooks easily, but is quick to warm up to a person and is the sweetest companion you could ask for. She chases her tail when she's happy or excited like a little tornado, and she loves to show her affection by snuggling into you and falling asleep on your lap.

She has a deep fear of other dogs and panics when encountering them in the open on walks, even when both are leashed, although she seems okay when they are behind fences or doors. She has been known to attack when left in an enclosed space with another dog, possibly because of her fear. Due to this, she cannot be in a home with any dogs. Because of her anxiety, Phoebe would do best in a calm home without children. The possibility exists that she may feel the need to defend herself if scared and cornered by humans as well, so a home with older children or adults only would be best. Cats are unknown, but she's seen an alley cat before and displayed no predatory instinct toward it so my guess would be that she could co-exist with a calm adult cat as long as they both have the space to be away from each other.

Phoebe had one accident on her first day in her foster home while still getting used to the new place and schedule, but has otherwise had a perfect housetraining record. She'll start getting antsy and tip-tap her paws to let you know if she needs to go out. She can also sleep through the night without needing to go out, so you won't need to wake in the early hours.

Phoebe is perfectly behaved on car rides and on a leash. She'll sit quietly on car rides and does not pull on her leash unless something spooks her, but will usually stick close to her human, sometimes so much so that you'll have to be careful not to trip on her! She has a bad hip and will sometimes lift her back leg after walking a while, but this doesn't usually stop her from running or jumping. Most walks, she'll go out in a coat or sweater due to the autumn weather and she's very good about wearing her clothes. Phoebe also hardly barks at all and is the quietest chihuahua I've ever met! If she hears someone at the door, she may give a single quick and quiet bark to let you know, but that's it.

One area Phoebe will need to work on is crate training; she hates to be confined in either her kennel or a penned area and won't even go inside for food unless she's convinced you're far away and not paying attention. Phoebe seems to have a bit of fear around her crate and prefers to sleep either in her bed, her human's bed, or in a laundry basket with her cushion and blanket inside. (Her absolute favourite place to sleep, if possible, is on you.) This will complicate things during decompression or when leaving her home alone, so her adopter should be prepared to handle that. She's used to being with her person during the workday and as a result has some separation anxiety, but despite this, Phoebe has never had an accident while left home alone.

All in all, Phoebe is a lovely and loving pup who will melt your heart.