ID#: A139014
Estimated birth date: July 30, 2022
Sex: Female (Her spay surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Weight: 40 lbs.
Good with dogs: Yes, but she is dog selective, as she prefers dogs closer to her age and energy level
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: She does have some separation anxiety. My Furbo tells me it lasts about 10 mins, and then she seems to settle down.
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Spruce Grove, AB

Hello, my name is Arizona, but I am from California! Thanks to BARC’s, and alot of other great people, I was rescued from euthanasia, because the shelter was over crowded.
I may not be perfect, but I’m told that I’ve accomplished so much in the last month! I’m food motivated, but I also love praise! I’ve learned how to sit and always give a kiss when asked! I’m working on shake, and stay. Stay is so hard, because I always want to be with you! I do sit for treats and have learned patience to wait for them and my turn. I always take the treats gently too!
I do have some separation anxiety, but I’m getting better! A home with someone home a lot and a fur friend would be perfect for me! I have met one cat up close and just sniffed it after it approached. Also, I’m nervous when I first meet new people. I want to be cautious and go to my crate at first or hide behind my fosters legs. I warm up to women pretty quick, but not so much with men. But with some understanding, love and patience, I’ll be everyone’s friend! My foster home only has a dad, and I love him so much.
I’m medium energy. I’m most excited when I haven’t seen you for awhile, but that energy burns off quickly. Then I’m pretty chill. I will like to be your shadow and will follow you everywhere if I can. I’m not needy for attention, I just want to be near you. Out in the yard, I like to play with the other dogs and chase balls! I even return them, unless I’m playing keep away with the other dog. Otherwise outside, I like to lay in the shade and watch you or chew my toy or have a nap. Pretty much the same inside. I’m not much of a lap dog, but I like to snuggle beside you watching tv, but also spend time on the dog bed. I enjoy my pets, especially behind the ears and tummy rubs! I’m told I’m pretty soft and don’t shed much.
I’m pretty neutral in the pack. I like to play at times, and I’m fine with chillin too. It took me a while to decompress and figure out how to fit in, but now I fit in perfectly! My foster says I have great empathy towards the older dog too when she’s sick. I just like to lay with her and every once in a while give her a few sniffs and a kiss. I adjust my play style between the older dog and the almost 2 year old one that has so much energy!
I’d rather be with you, but I will go in the crate when my foster leaves, and I settle pretty quick.
I do really good at the groomers for nail clippings. I’m ok in the bath. Not my favorite place, but I tolerate it.
My walking on leash is really good now that I know the neighborhood! I like to walk on your left side, slack leash. Sometimes I stop to sniff, but not for too long, and I redirect easily! Sometimes I go ahead, but as soon as I feel the leash, I slow down and walk beside you again.

Overall, this beautiful girl has come so far from the scared and shut down girl I met near the end of April. There are some things that we are still working on, but she is such a smart girl and is eager to please!